10 Must Ask Questions When Installing Carpet

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Plush new carpet under your feet can mean cleanliness for your family or a professional new aspect to your office. However, there’s more to it than picking the prettiest carpet you can find. Asking the right questions makes the process go easier when installing carpet and can also give you piece of mind that the company you’re working with will take care of any unforeseen issues that may arise in the future. Taking your time can also ensure you get the best deal money can pay for.

Before Hiring a Carpet Installation Professional

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Your local state may have laws that prohibit contractors from working without the proper licensing and insurance. This is ultimately good for you because you won’t want to pay an amateur to install your carpet. Ask for certification before you hire. Your installer can provide a registration number to help verify

2. What’s your experience?

Carpet is carpet is carpet — maybe. There are differences between industrial and home installations, of course. Make sure that your professional has worked in a similar setting before.

Before You Sign That Contract

3. Do carpet prices include installation and padding?

Sure, you might be getting a good deal by the foot, but what if this doesn’t include the necessary padding and installation? If you ignore these numbers, you could end up paying more in the long run because of what seemed like a good deal at the time. Read Contract Carpet’s Healthier Living Installation to see what the top installation experts can accomplish.

4. Is there an additional charge for removing current carpet?

Sneaky fees and charges are one way that predatory companies make money. While the carpet is cheap, will you face an unexpected charge because your installer had to remove and dispose of old carpet?

5. Does this carpet come with a guarantee?

While you’ll do everything in your power to prolong the life of your carpet, it won’t matter if the installation is poor. When carpet comes loose or develops wrinkles, you want to know that you’re protected. Get that warranty in writing before you let anyone begin installing carpet.

Don’t Let Them Install Before Asking This

6. Is the subfloor in good shape?

While your installers are looking at your bare floor, it’s a good time to ask what condition it’s in. Perhaps it’s a bad idea to install carpet at all because issues like mold become obvious and you should take care of them first. The professionals can give you their opinions before it’s too late.

7. Is this the carpet on the order form?

Verify that your installers have the correct carpet on the day of. Politely check that you’re getting the carpet that you paid for and not a cheaper carpet.

8. Does this carpet require special care?

Even if your carpet is built to repel dirt and stains like the Stainmaster carpet available at Contract Carpet One, some carpet might prefer a certain type of vacuum or cleaning. Knowing the proper procedure can save you time and money down the road, so don’t forget to ask.

9. Will the new carpet disrupt doors?

Moving from hard floors to carpet or replacing your current carpet with one that’s more plush can mean less room for your doors to swing open and closed, but replacing doors might not be an option.

10. How can I help installation?

Removing your family or pets from the area can speed up the install process, and your installers might have other requests. Set the tone by asking what you can do to help to ease the relationship between you and your installer. Talk to one of our professional flooring experts by contacting us here or calling 240-542-8957.

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