2013 Housing Trends: Carpet Flooring Trends in the Coming Year

More and more homeowners are looking at carpet installation as the final touch of elegance and visual appeal in their home. Carpet stores reflect this shift in priorities with the carpet trends, patterns, and styles showcased in their stores. Below is a list of the most popular trends in carpeting for 2013.

Trend #1: Rich Colored Carpet

For those using carpet more sparingly — to accent a hallway or cover stairs — color adds visual appeal and makes the carpet an accent point for the room. The more common carpet colors used to be nudes or pastels. Now, however, rich jewel tones of reds and oranges are popping up in more showrooms. Adding colorful carpets into rooms with neutral wall colors has become the up and coming trend, as opposed to the opposite (rich colored walls with plain colored carpets), which was the trend in the early 2000s. Trying a ruby carpet with cream walls, a cream-colored sofa and a cream and garnet armchair, for example, would be the perfect way of combining a beautiful, rich-colored carpet without taking over the room.

Trend #2: Color Blocking

Expect color blocking to remain a trend as well. If you’re bold, you can pair bright-hued carpet with furniture in bright colors. This creates a fun visual space that can invigorate and refresh. Think tangerine, lemon, and navy together or poppy red, sky blue, and emerald green.

Trend #3: Textured Color

If you’re more of a neutral person, take heart: neutral carpets are also having a moment. Carpets in hues of beige, cream, white, putty and pastel whites are back on trend – with a twist. Add textural interest to your home by picking a neutral carpet with a medium or thick pile. It’s easy to overlook plain carpet and by choosing a different pile you can make the conventional carpet read a bit differently.

Although textured carpets are in, some can get extremely unique, which may or may not work for your home. The carpets that incorporate raised textures into their 2013 carpet styles may include chevron stripes, with one or more colors of the chevron stripe raised to create a textured carpet. Before choosing this raised carpet, give some thought to how you’ll feel walking on the carpet. Is the texture pleasant? Will it ticket your feet? Even if you love the carpet pattern, it’s not worth it if you’ll regret your purchase after the carpet installation is complete.

Trend #4: Patterns

As opposed to color blocking, which is incorporating solid color blocks into your carpet, patterns have also increased on carpet store sales floors. Patterned carpets go well in large rooms where viewers can really get a sense of the pattern. Patterned carpets have been in for a few years now, but they’ve only recently gone mainstream in carpet installation stores. With so many options, you can really choose your preferred pattern in carpet stores. Aim for something that has distinct visual appeal, but not so much going on that it will look noisy when installed.

Carpet should not be an impulse buy. Before you commit, visit carpet outlets near you to browse patterns, styles and colors. Take home a few small carpet samples to determine how they work with other elements of your home. Then place the carpet samples in the rooms you intend to install carpet in, and see how well you like the samples over the course of a few days. If they don’t work, visit the carpet store for another round of shopping. If the carpet works well, schedule installation.

Not sure what carpet will fit your home’s style? Contact our carpeting specialists today to start the conversation.


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