2014 Housing Trends: Carpet Flooring Trends in the Coming Year


Finding the right carpet and flooring for your home, office or retail space in or around the Beltsville, Maryland area can be a complicated matter. The good news is there are more options today than ever before. One of the big decisions you may have is whether to choose a “classic” style of carpeting or to go with one of the latest trends in floor coverings. In reality, many of the current trends have a classic appeal–likely to feel as up-to-date in ten years as it does today. Discover some of the current hot choices when it comes to carpet and other floor covering and start thinking about what may be the perfect option for your space.

Darker Shades

Throughout the last couple of decades, light carpet was all the rage–mainly because of its ability to make a room feel large and open. However, dark and even bold shades are becoming more common. Rich chocolate browns, deep purples and dark wine reds are some of the more popular options for darker carpets. They can give nearly any space a rich, sophisticated feel, and pair well with wood floors.


Neutral shades are always popular since they can work well with nearly any type of decor. However, neutral doesn’t mean just beige or light brown–the hottest neutral today is gray. From a light “kitten gray” to deep, nearly black gunmetal, there is an option in gray flooring (carpet, wood or other floors) that will fit nearly type of decorating scheme.

Mixed Textures

Over the past few years, textured carpet has become more and more important as a decorating option. However, many designers were afraid to combine textures in the same space. Now, this is becoming a viable option. Using different textures of carpet–or even carpet and another flooring in the same space–is a way to add interest and design to a room without the need to add additional colors or bold designs.

Sustainable Flooring

Many people who want an ecologically friendly option are looking at some of the new sustainable hardwoods. Some of the most popular are cork and bamboo, but there are other options as well. These materials are quick to grow back, so using them for the floor does not have such a negative impact on our environment.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the current trends in flooring, it’s time to start thinking about what may be the best option for your floor covering needs. If you have any questions about the options available to you, or you just want to discuss things with a professional, call or contact us at Contract Carpet One in Beltsville, Maryland. We offer carpet installation and free in-home consultations to customers in the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington D.C. areas. You can visit our showroom, or we can bring samples out to your location–helping you make the right choice in carpeting and other flooring. At Contract Carpet One, we are always here for you.

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