3 Spring 2013 Color Trends for Home Carpet

Spring is a wonderful time for new beginnings, and it’s often the perfect time of year to freshen up your home or commercial flooring with new carpet. New carpet adds a dimension to rooms that can often serve as an accent piece in an overall decor plan. The following colors are showing up in the spring carpet trends this year, as more and more people look into carpet installation for their homes.

The spring carpet trends for this year reflect the overall interior design trends that are happening this year. People are choosing neutral colors for their walls, and also choosing monotone furniture pieces. This means they are looking to add some color into their rooms and into their homes, and many times the perfect way to do this is through carpet installation. If you are planning to renovate a room, then one of the aforementioned colors might be the perfect option for you. Above all, you will want to pick a color that you will enjoy, something that makes you feel good and turns your house into a home.

 gray carpet in living room

Gray Carpet

      1. While neutral tones such as brown, ivory, and white have long been popular hues in the interior design world gray is making a statement in 2013. Many people are choosing to use gray as an accent color throughout their homes, and gray carpet is popular this spring for many reasons. First and foremost, gray is a perfect monotone color that will accent well with almost any type of shade. It goes well with a bright shade of yellow, but also pairs perfectly with a soft blue. Whether you want to go bold or stick with a sweet pastel, gray is likely going to complement your color palette. Gray carpet is also a great shade because it is forgiving. It will hide tiny specks of dirt that are common when children and pets roam the house. It is easy to keep clean and will look gorgeous for many years to come. Not to mention, gray isn’t going out of style anytime soon. You will be able to enjoy your gray carpet as well as keep up with the times for many years to come.

aquamarine carpet


      1. In 2013, people have decided that the time has come to make relaxation and peace a priority in their lives. Aquamarine, which is a soothing shade of blue mixed with hints of green, instantly reminds people of the ocean, lakes and beautiful sky. It’s a way to calm down a room in a matter of minutes, which is why it makes a great shade for carpet in 2013. Aquamarine carpet would go great in a room with gray walls or neutral tones. It adds that pop of color that is necessary in 2013, but doesn’t take away from the overall color scheme of the room. It’s an excellent choice that hides dirt well and brightens up a room instantly.

Persimmon Orange Carpet

Persimmon Orange

    1. People who have confidence and dare to be bold will love the fact that persimmon orange is the hit color of the spring season this year. Consider going all out with a completely orange carpet, or opt for a textured carpet with hints of persimmon orange in it. You can’t go wrong with this hue, as it brings out the best in brown, ivory, white or gray tones. It adds color and zest, and shows that you are proud of who you are and not scared to try new things when it comes to decorating.


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