5 Flooring Ideas for Your Bedroom – You Have to Try These!


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Decorating your bedroom can be one of the most intimate and enjoyable aspects of a project. One of the most overlooked but crucial elements to tying everything together is the floor. There are many different flooring ideas for your bedroom that can emulate anything from a dreamy and romantic setting, to a smart and functional design. Here are 5 popular choices for your floor:


Tile has come a very long way from the standard, boring, white tile. Today’s bedroom floors enjoy beautiful travertine, clay, and other materials in beautiful styles and colors to display the character and charm bedrooms hold.


When considering flooring ideas for your bedroom, hardwood floors are definitely an option. Beautiful any time of year, this classic choice comes in a variety of stain colors, types of wood and styles. You can have wide, long planks, to a more narrow and contemporary look. One of the more popular choices on the market now is Eucalyptus, and if you have room in the budget to get a little fancy, Koa may be the one for you. There are ways to have hardwood floors while keeping your budget intact. For those eco-friendly individuals, hardwood floors are a great option.


Laminate has changed tremendously and is a viable alternative to hardwood and other styles and colors. The choices in laminate flooring are endless and range from budget-friendly to top dollar. The beauty of today’s laminate is that you cannot really tell the difference in flooring. The options and construction of laminate flooring has advanced to the next level of design, providing value while being stylish and durable.


Carpet is a standard choice and is available in a number of styles and colors. For cold climates, carpet is usually preferred. It helps protect the feet and helps to mask noise. Depending on taste, the carpet can be deep and plush, shaggy, or functional. One of the great things about carpet is you don’t have to use the entire floor. Sectioned areas, or even large area rugs can also work well in a bedroom.


Believe it or not, stone has become one of the hottest coices on the market for flooring. Concrete, marble and other earthy materials provide a beautiful aesthetic to creative room décor. Stone floors are durable and have a contemporary edge to them that can be gorgeous when paired with the right furniture and colors.

These flooring ideas for your bedroom should provide a solid foundation upon which to get started. Each one of these options offer variety and depth, depending on your design scheme. From dark to light, or in-between, you will find a selection that will work for you. Flooring isn’t isolated to one design. You can mix and match with tile and carpet, stone, and others to make it work for you. Be creative, explore your options and make your bedroom a part of you!

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