5 Things to Know Before Buying Carpet

Choosing Carpet Samples

One of the biggest decisions you can make around your home or place of business is choosing carpet. Carpet is something you see every day, covers a large area, and will be around for years to come. There is more to think about than just the color or pattern. Luckily, if you put some time and effort into the decision making process, you will find a floor covering that meets all of your needs. You can enjoy the good looks and ease-of-care of your carpet for years to come if you keep these carpet tips in mind before you make this big decision.

  1. Pick the Perfect Padding – It can be tempting to choose a cheap carpet padding to save a few dollars. After all, you never see it. However, any carpet you choose relies on the padding for strength, support, and comfort. Additionally, it helps provide temperature and noise control in your home. Even though you do not see it, you will certainly spot the wear on your carpet and a less-luxurious feel if you do not pick the right padding during the carpet installation process. The Healthier Living Installation process – exclusively at Contract Carpet One – offers hypoallergenic cushions that prevent the growth of mold, mildew, odors, bacteria, and has Spill Bloc and BioShield protection.
  2. Learn About the Styles – Carpet is not all the same. No matter what brand you choose, there are a number of styles that you have to keep in mind. Plush and Saxony carpet are both thick and luxurious, though they do show foot traffic so they may not be the right choice for a high traffic area. Berber carpet is flat and dense, making it extremely durable, but not as luxurious. Textured carpet is ideal for hiding dirt, since the different heights of carpet keep it from showing. There are other styles too—it is important that you find the right one for your home or office.
  3. Choose the right Installer – How the carpet is installed makes just as much difference on its durability and good looks as the carpet does itself. For instance, working with a company like Contract One Carpet is ideal. Contract One has years of experience installing Shaw Carpet and other top brands in and around the state of Maryland. If you are located elsewhere, it is important to research and find a company that has years of experience and a good reputation for quality.
  4. Understand Maintenance – Before you commit to having carpet installed, make sure you know what type of maintenance will be required. Each carpet type requires a different type of care, and you want to make certain this fits in with your lifestyle. Additionally, some carpet may come with benefits like a replacement guarantee. If this is something you require, it may affect your carpet-buying decision.
  5. Color Concerns – You probably know that choosing the right color is important. One of the best things you can do is ask for a sample you can take to the room where you are having the carpet installed so you can see it in the same lighting where it will be used, and view it next to your furniture, wall coverings and other important things around the room. Only then will you be certain the color of carpet you choose is the right one for the room.

If you consider all of these tips, then your carpet decision and installation should go smoothly, no matter if you’re placing carpet all over your home, commercial carpeting, or carpeting just one room in your home.

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