5 Carpet Buying Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Buying interior carpeting is an art that requires careful shopping and prudent decision making. Consumers hoping to buy the best carpet must educate themselves on the ins and outs of the industry. Listed below are some of the classic carpet buying mistakes many consumers make. To make the most of your investment, avoid these pitfalls at the time of sale.

Buying Low-Quality Carpet Padding

It’s tempting to skimp on the padding when purchasing carpet. You never see it–so what’s the point? A recent study measuring carpet durability and the impact of the carpet pad revealed that carpets without padding may lose as much as 19% of their pile height, versus carpets with padding that may lose only 5%-10% of their pile height.

In other words, the cushion underneath the carpet is critical to the lifespan of the carpet. By reducing the carpet’s impact against the ground and absorbing pressure from footsteps and furniture, the pad cuts back wear and tear on the carpet. Carpets without padding, or with inadequate padding, will wear out sooner and require replacement more quickly than carpets with high-quality padding.

Buying Carpet That Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle

It’s common sense that parents of small children and pet owners shouldn’t buy cream colored carpet, but that little nugget of advice is just the tip of the iceberg. With different fiber types, colors, damage resistance options, patterns, weights, weaves and more, different carpets are made to fit different lifestyles.

When shopping for carpet, consult with a professional. Describe your needs explicitly. Do you have children or pets? Where are the high-traffic areas of your home? What are your carpet concerns? Describe the environment of your house–including humidity, light, etc–to the carpet professional. If at all possible, arrange for an in-home consultation before making a final decision.

Electing for DIY Installation

There’s basically only one reason why homeowners elect to forgo professional carpet installation: to save money. Still, it’s unfortunate that many homeowners fail to take into consideration the many reasons to have carpet professionally installed.

  • Unprofessionally installed carpet may not look right.
  • Carpet that has been incorrectly installed may not hold up as well.
  • DIY installations often take much longer and involve the purchase of costly tools.
  • Many carpet warranties require professional installation to be valid.

Purchasing Carpet At The Wrong Point In A Remodel

Carpet should be the last, or nearly the last, item you install before finishing up a major remodel. Stains on a new carpet from the dirty boots of a contractor can be devastating as well as depressing.

Although you may be able to avoid the worst of the dirt during the remodel by laying plastic tarps on your floor, it’s not worth the headache and stress. Our Healthier Living Installation is perfect for protecting you and your home from damage, and even prevents future instances of allergens, mold, mildew, bacteria, microorganisms, dust, mites, and pollen from occurring. The best part is that it comes at absolutely no additional cost!

Getting Lured-In by Deals

If it seems cheap, it probably is cheap. Carpet deals pop up all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you’re getting the right product for your money. When purchasing carpet, turn to a professional that you can trust to recommend the right carpet for you, and sell you only what you need. Avoid businesses that lack integrity or an investment in your community.

Do you have more questions about the carpet selection process? Contact Contract Carpet One for a one-on-one consultation with a carpet professional. We’re happy to answer all your questions and make professional recommendations based on your individual needs.

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