Bathroom Carpeting – Pros, Cons, and In-between

Bathroom Carpeting-Pro's and Con'sOf the many carpet trends that have developed over the years, one that has always been polarizing is putting carpet in bathrooms. Most would never think to even use the words “carpet” and “bathroom” in the same sentence, let alone have them occupy the same space. However, there are some people, that envision the warmth of a nice fluffy pile under their feet after a shower. Which side of the carpet debate do you find yourself? After reading some of the pros and cons, perhaps you’ll have a different view than you once thought!



Pro's of Bathroom Carpeting

  • Distinctiveness – In-bathroom carpeting is a sure way to make a statement! This style was popular throughout the 70’s and 80’s. A well maintained bathroom carpet could promote a plush and luxurious appearance. Show off your retro style sense by having carpet installed in your
  • Comfort – The only thing better than a nice shower after a long day would be stepping out onto a nice, warm carpet. This is probably one of the most obvious and agreed upon benefits of having carpet in your bathroom. Even if you aren’t taking a shower, the carpet will feel great in comparison to a cold, hard tile or laminate floor. Another reason still, is that you will reduce the chances of post-bath slips if you have small children, or much older
  • Cost – If you like to redecorate parts of your home frequently, the bathroom is a good option, as it tends to be smaller than other areas of the home. Less square feet means less to pay for any floor covering, making bathroom carpeting an option in terms of cost. Replacing the carpet could end up saving you money over time as opposed to the standard tile option.


Con's of Bathroom Carpeting

  • Hygiene – This is quite possibly the most obvious reason for leaving carpet out of the bathroom. As opposed to small rugs, which are easily washed or replaced, carpet is permanent, and over time, mold, mildew, and many other kinds of harmful bacteria can develop as a result of moisture. Utilizing Contract Carpet One’s Healthier Living Installation can combat this con with
  • Damage – Most carpets are not designed for extended exposure to water and other forms moisture. Over time, the padding will likely become damaged and begin to erode. Floor panels, and deeper parts of your floor could begin to rot, which will weaken the floor, and ultimately, the structural integrity of your
  • Devaluation – Due to some of the aforementioned complications, the resale value of your home could go down, and require you to make repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. Aside from the return on invest, others who consider purchasing your home will likely not see a carpeted bathroom as a point of purchase.

Regardless of your stance, these are surely points to consider when deciding to install (or keep) the carpet in you bathroom. Are there any other factors to consider? Share them with us.

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