Caring for Your Carpets During the Holidays

With the holiday season finally upon us, it can often feel like endless celebrations and parties, which for the most part are festive and fun. But afterwards, the not-so-fun task of cleanup needs to happen.. Whether your carpet is new or old, it still needs care and protection to lengthen its life span. Follow these steps for a good holiday cleaning to keep it looking new.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning will not only extend your carpet’s life but it will also extend its appearance. Cleaning carpets regularly throughout your home means not only vacuuming regularly but also cleaning up the clutter. By clearing the clutter off your floor you are eliminating the ability for dust and other particles to build up in your carpet. Don’t forget to get that vacuum out at least once a week and even more often if you have pets!

Spot Removal

Don’t let those spots sit and soak into your rug; they’ll last forever. With so many carpet cleaners around in the market you want to make sure the one you are getting is compatible with your carpet. Try testing it in a small area and make sure that the cleaner doesn’t hinder the color or texture of the carpet.

Change Air and Vacuum Filters

While regularly changing vent filters is not only good for your health and your home environment it is also a good way of keeping the bad stuff from staying embedded into your carpet. As air filters get dirty, more and more dust particles are pushed into the air, and consequently settle into your carpet. We suggest changing your filters every month to prevent this from happening.

Cleaning your carpet regularly should extend its lifespan and help keep your home-life healthier and cleaner. If you have shaggy carpets, you might want to tend to those even more often as everything will get stuck in there!

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