What Determines My Carpet Installation Prices?

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Of all the various different flooring options that are available for the home, wall-to-wall carpeting remains the most popular. It’s more affordable than most hard flooring options, is easy to maintain and can prevent slips and falls around the house.

Additionally, carpets are comfortable and can actually improve a home’s indoor air quality by trapping particles in its fibers (regular vacuuming and deep, professional cleanings then remove these particulates later on).

But one thing that many consumers often wonder about is the question of how carpet installation prices are charged. Generally speaking, installation prices vary based on factors such as: the carpet supplier, local labor costs (i.e. Maryland carpet installation prices may be different than other states), and standards of quality. This article will take a closer look at these factors.

Comparing Carpet Installation Prices

  • Labor Costs: Many consumers assume that where a carpet is installed dictates the cost. For instance, since it’s more laborious to install carpet on stairs, consumers think that it will cost more to carpet stairs than it would to carpet a bedroom. That’s not necessarily true. That’s because there are typically two ways that contractors charge for the labor portion of installation: by square feet to be covered or by how long the job takes to get done.
  • Another aspect that factors into labor costs is the carpet supplier. For example, if the supplier just operates out of a truck, chances are that labor costs will be less than a supplier that has a brick-and-mortar facility. The former type of supplier doesn’t have any overhead costs and can pass those savings down to their clients, but the latter type of supplier is more likely to do better work and provide a more quality install service.
  • Materials: Yes, there’s the cost of the carpet itself, but there are also other aspects of a carpet installation job that can factor into the overall price. For instance, there’s the cost of padding, which is the cushion that is installed beneath the carpet. Other materials that may be included in carpet installation prices include:
    • adhesives
    • moisture barriers
    • stairnosings
    • baseboards
  • Disposal costs: Disposal cost is one of the most overlooked factors of a carpet installation price. Specifically, these are the costs associated with removing the old carpet – or flooring – from the space where the new carpet is going and disposing of it responsibly. To save the money associated with this fee, you can always tear out the old carpet and dispose of it yourself, but often this task is far easier on the consumer if it’s left to the professionals.
  • Delivery: A final line item that often goes into a carpet installation price is a delivery charge. Along with carpet disposal costs, this is another commonly overlooked aspect of the installation cost.

Like we mentioned in the opening, many people favor carpeting over other types of flooring for its comfort, safety, and affordability. But while most prefer wall-to-wall carpeting over other types of flooring, many consumers often forget about the installation costs that are associated with new carpet. And depending on where you live, these costs can vary.

That’s why it’s important to select a reliable, trusted provider for your carpeting needs – a provider who will give you all carpet pricing and installation costs up front, so there aren’t any little extra surprises when it comes time for your new carpeting.

Give us a call to check carpet installation prices in Maryland. When you’re ready to recarpet, we’ll give you an additional $100 off your next carpet installation.

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