Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Lifestyle

differentcarpettypeChoosing a flooring can be hard—especially when you haven’t even settled on the material you want to install. Hardwood? Carpeting? Tile? What’s the best option?

When choosing the type of flooring for your house, aesthetics aren’t the only factor to consider. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each flooring option will help you choose a flooring material that will fit your lifestyle, to help you keep your flooring looking beautiful for many years to come.

Floors for Families with Young Children

Two things to consider when choosing flooring for a family with young children: spills and falls. Carpeting is the perfect soft surface for landing on. Young children that fall on carpeting are less likely to hurt their heads. However, stains and smells from spills can be a big problem for homeowners who want to keep their living space clean.


  • Pick the right colored carpeting. Neutral-colored or dirt-colored carpeting hide stains well.
  • Pick the right pile type. Closed loop carpeting can resist dirt more easily than loose pile carpeting types.
  • Protect the carpet. Clear vinyl carpeting mats can protect carpeting in the most high-traffic areas, like stairs, hallways and the area around front and back doorways.

Older Children

Older children are less likely to fall down than younger children, but can be just as messy as younger children.


  • Choose a flooring type that is easy to clean. For example, tile floors are stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Choose a flooring type that is scratch resistant. Homeowners that don’t want to install tile throughout their home might be more interested in hardwood floors. However, hardwood flooring is easily damaged, and is therefore hard to maintain in homes with kids. For a scratch-resistant floor type with the look of hardwood, consider laminate flooring.

Homeowners with Allergies

Allergens like dust and pollen can hide anywhere, but especially in carpeting.


  • Install easy to clean flooring. Hardwood, tile, and hardwood laminate are all better options than carpeting for homeowners who suffer from allergies.


Seniors have a very different set of needs than homeowners with young children. Whereas children are hard on carpeting because they drag in dirt and easily spill drinks and food, seniors tend to be less active. In addition, many seniors require slip-resistant surfaces for comfort and safety reasons.


  • Install loose or closed loop pile carpeting. Carpeting is slip-resistant, making it easier for seniors to get around their own home.
  • Consider stain-guarding the carpeting for easy maintenance. As seniors get older, properly maintaining carpeting can be a challenge. Stain-guarding the carpet can make it easier to clean spills and keep the carpeting looking its best for years to come.

Pet Owners

Pets are hard on carpeting, just like kids. Homeowners with dogs and cats must take their furry friends into consideration when picking the flooring for them.


  • Avoid carpeting. Animal urine can be very difficult to clean out of carpeting, and in addition, animal hair can become trapped in carpeting over time, making it difficult to have visitors who have pet allergies.
  • Avoid flooring that scratches easily. Pet claws can destroy hardwood floors.

Homeowners in the Washington Metropolitan-area who have more questions about the best flooring for their lifestyle can visit the showroom at Contract Carpet One, or schedule an in-home consultation with one of our flooring design experts. For more information, contact us at 240-542-8957 today!

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