Maryland Flooring Guide: Commercial Flooring

Installing new carpet at home is one thing, but selecting flooring options for the office can be more complex. The list of factors to consider is higher, with more people and more opinions to consider. You need comfort, you need high durability, you need style but not everyone has the same style.

As part of our Maryland Flooring Guide, we’ve highlighted key questions to ask yourself and your team before buying and installing new commercial flooring.

Commercial Flooring - Beltsville, Maryland

Who is in involved in the decision making process?

Whether you’re the office administrator, building owner or interior designer, consider everyone whose opinions will be weighed. This is especially true when selecting styles and color patterns. If the grain, texture and/orcolor don’t visually appeal to the higher-ups as much as it appeals to you, they may not even care about the rest of the great features your preferred flooring selection offers.

What kind of business takes place here?

No two offices are the same. Similarly, no two offices’ employees are the same. If you run a very casually dressed, laid back and low-traffic environment, you may want to consider carpet installation for comfort’s sake. But if you work in an industrial or high-traffic business, you may need something more durable, such as Vinyl flooring. No matter your scenario, the type of people who work there and the type of work they do heavily affect your flooring choice.

Who will be doing the installation?

When presenting such a meaningful investment like a new flooring solution, you need to present the best possible contractors to do the job. Seek out help from trusted Maryland Carpet Installers when considering such a task.

Schedule a free carpet design consultation with Contract Carpet One and partner with the best in the local flooring industry to help you in whatever industry in which you practice.

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