Don’t Waste Time Controlling Carpet Beetles

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Carpet beetles are small insects in the beetle family that can become significant pests in homes, business, and anywhere where they have access to adequate amounts of food. Controlling carpet beetles involves removing access to their food supply.

Because they feed on a large variety of materials, they can be extremely difficult to eliminate. These bugs eat:

  • Silk, cotton, and other natural fibers.
  • Feathers, hair, leather, dried meat, dead insects,and fur.
  • House plant foliage and other plant materials.
  • Spices, grains, pet food, and paper.

As their name implies, carpet beetles can also do substantial damage to carpeted areas. The bugs can also get onto clothing and eat holes in the fibers, mimicking the damage done by moths. Unlike moths, however, the damage done by carpet beetles occurs while the insects are in their larval stage.

A sure indication that beetle larva is present in your home or business is presence of the small, brown shells that they leave behind when they molt.

Carpet Beetle Control Techniques

Here’s what to do if you suspect that you have a carpet beetle infestation in your home or business:

  • Store clothing made with natural fibers in plastic coverings designed to keep insect pests out. This includes leathers and furs.
  • Keep area rugs and carpet well vacuumed and invest in professional deep cleaning on a regular basis.
  • Dry clean infested clothing to remove beetle larva.
  • Pay close attention to general housekeeping matters by making sure that stray bits of food — human food as well as pet food — are cleaned up immediately.
  • Clean any animal debris such as nests and webs out of attics, crawl spaces, and anywhere else that they’re located.

The most common way for beetles to gain access to your home is through cut flowers that you’ve brought inside. Inspecting flowers closely, shaking them gently, and even hosing them off with a weak stream of water can help keep these pests out of your home.

The beetles can also fly inside through open windows, so use screens if your landscaping features flowering plants.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), beetles are often brought into the home or office on used furniture such as couches and chairs that contain fibers. Be certain to thoroughly check secondhand furniture for signs of carpet beetles and other pests before bringing it indoors.

Thoroughly going over the surface of the fabric with a hot hair dryer will provide you with another layer of protection by killing any beetle eggs or larva that are present on the upholstery.

Eliminating Carpet Beetle Larvae

Although there is no need to panic if you notice an adult beetle in your indoor environment now and then, you should take immediate action if you notice any in the larval stage. This action includes:

  • Using sticky traps — these can also serve to help locate the source of the infestation.
  • Washing all fabrics in hot water or drying cleaning them.
  • Cleaning game trophies, furs, and any other animal products on a regular basis.
  • Contacting a professional pest control service if it’s clear that the infestation is severe.

Because beetles can do substantial damage to furniture, carpets, and clothing as well as many other items, the services of a professional pest control company are frequently the best investment that you can make in this situation. Trained technicians will be able to thoroughly evaluate the individual conditions in your home and devise a treatment and control plan that will result in complete freedom from these pests.

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