The Easiest Way to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet

Imagine: you’ve been preparing your home for company. Everything is in its proper place, and the conditions of your home are perfect. There’s one detail you forget when making preparations: the carpet!

Your guests come in, you take their coats and someone sets their handbag on the floor. Houston, we have a problem! Now that handbag is completely covered in pet hair! Maybe they take off their shoes when they enter your home, uh oh! Now their socks are covered with dog or cat hair. Even animals that shed lightly or have shorter fur will leave traces of their coat lodged into you carpeting. Not many methods are effective for removing pet hair from carpet, but we’ve compiled a list of some ways that are sure to make your pet hair removal process is quick and easy!

Rubber Gloves

Cleaning Pet Hair From Your Carpet with Rubber GlovesLooking to save on some cash? Rubber gloves are a highly effective way of removing pet hair from your carpet! That’s right, all you’ll need to do is dampen the gloves, then rub the surface of the carpet with them. Your guests and your floor will thank you – your wallet will, too! A wet sponge works in the same way if you don’t happen to have rubber gloves available to you. This option is also great because it doesn’t needlessly use tons of tape. A great way to save!

Pumice Stone

Another method to consider is using a pumice stone for pet hair removal. Pumice Stone is a very light and porous volcanic rock and are available at most pharmacy and drug stores. Gently scraping the stone across your carpet will draw up any stray pet hair with no difficulty at all. (Plus, your carpet will have insanely smooth skin afterward.)

Use a Squeegee to Remove Pet Hair from your Carpet


Aside from being the world’s favorite word to say, the squeegee makes a great pet hair cleanup device. By scraping your carpet with the squeegee, your pet’s hair will gather into clumps, which can then easily be removed by hand.

Dampened Sponge Mop

This method is great to avoid bending or getting on your hands and knees to clean your carpet. Fur will turn into rolls, and can then be picked up manually. An idea might be to use this mop exclusively for pet hair removal purposes. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of a damaging chemical or soap staining or discoloring your awesome spread!

Microfiber Dry Mop For Pet Hair RemovalMicrofiber Dry Mop

Maybe you want to remove pet hair from your hardwood or laminate floor instead of your carpet. To do this, all you’ll need is a microfiber dry mop. It will grab pet hair instantly, and most models now offer disposable covers, so you can do away with the mess once you’re done. DO NOT use a standard vacuum cleaner for this, as it has the potential to blow pet hair into places you had no intention for it to go!

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Have any additional methods that we’d be crazy not to try? Any we should be certain to avoid? Let us know.

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