Fall Into Fashion with these 2014 Interior Design Trends

fall interior designAs fall brings cooler temperatures and shorter days, it’s time to swap out some of the summertime staples with cozy accent pieces that are perfect for fall. Fall 2014 interior design trends offer the perfect way to modernize your space, stay seasonally appropriate, and infuse your home with your unique personality and taste. Use these fall design trend ideas to get inspiration and redecorate your home.

Oversized Prints

While florals are trending in fashion, they have also made their way into the interior design palette. Oversized prints, including florals, are cropping up on throw pillows, blankets, and other items. To make this trend look modern and not dated, take a mix-and-match approach to prints. Combine large floral and abstract throw pillows on your sofa, or use a floral area rug in a room with a striped sofa. This adds an element of the unexpected and whimsical to your house.

Mixed Metallics

Bronze, silver, or gold? Why not all three? One of fall’s biggest interior design trends is mixed metals, something that can be polarizing. If you’ve spent the last 5 years painstakingly collecting gold accent pieces to match the gold chandeliers in your apartment, mixing can feel wrong. On the other hand, if you’ve been making do with a hodgepodge of bronze standing lamps, stainless steel hardware, and gold picture frames, you’ll breathe easier. There are no rules to pull this one off; simply mix different metals in the same room.

Interchangeable Accent Pieces

Fall is the perfect time to adopt this budget-friendly 2014 trend that uses highly colorful accent pieces on a neutral canvas. Switch up accent rugs to infuse any room with fall color. Or swap out throw pillow, blankets, room artwork, or other decorative elements. Fall 2014’s trending season colors include navy, mid-tone grey, royal blue, mauve, wine red, tomato red, and mustard yellow. Combine a few of these trendy autumn colors into your design elements, and then shift things again in the winter.

This trend works best in a room with white, grey, or beige walls as it’s a fairly neutral palette. If you’ve got colored walls, you can still try this look as long as you’re mindful to avoid clashing colors. For example, if you have jade green walls, you might avoid tomato tones in favor of mauve, royal blue, or radiant orchid.

Vintage Chic

There’s been a shift away from mass-produced modern pieces and toward unique vintage finds. Flea markets and estate sales are great places to find unusual furniture items with a history. Think velvet chaise lounges in the living room, art deco hanging lamps in the dining room, or rattan outdoor furniture for the sunroom.

One or two vintage touches in a room will go a long way toward adding that focal point you’re looking for. The hardest part about employing this trend is definitely finding the right piece at a price you can afford. Be choosy and continue to hunt until you find that special piece you really enjoy. If you’re on a budget, try adding vintage kitchen and home goods to rooms to get the same effect.

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