Flooring Designs from Your First Step Inside

You have decided that you want to spruce up your home. Of course, you’ll add that wonderful new paint color. Those new light fixtures and furniture that you have picked out will also be wonderful additions. But what about those floors?

You could just install some new flooring, but what about going the extra mile by exploring some unique flooring ideas? This doesn’t mean that you need to go completely overboard or anything, just do a bit of thinking out of the proverbial box. To help get your creativity going, check out some of these ideas.

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Entryways are a great way to make a wonderful first impression on your visitors. How about a parquet floor that actually looks like tile?

By alternating different colored strips of hardwood flooring to create squares, you’ll have visitors lingering in the entryway admiring your creativity.

You can also explore using hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles in a geometric pattern that draws the eye toward the main living areas.

Hardwood Flooring

When thinking about installing hardwood flooring, think about different options other than the traditional techniques. If your space allows it, perhaps you could lay the interior space in a diagonal pattern, with a horizontal and vertical border in a complementary or contrasting wood color.

Look at other ideas such as geometric patterns or patterns such as a fleur-de-lys inlaid in the corners of the room. These will accentuate your furniture to a T!

Another option is combining carpet and hardwood flooring in a single room. Carpet the main interior space of the room with a luxurious carpet, then border the room with hardwood in a complementary color. It will give your room a cozy, yet modern feel.


Tile provides a wealth of options for a unique floor. Because of the many types and styles of tile that are available, you are sure to find the

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selection that suits you and your style the best. Again, break the mold of a traditional tile setting and consider having your room tiled in a

diagonal pattern, rather than just the horizontal or vertical pattern. Use borders and inlays for an added touch of elegance or pizzazz.

Think about using different sized tiles to create a new, fresh look. Instead of tiling the entire room with a single size of tile, create a specific pattern out of tiles of different colors and sizes.


Carpet and Rugs

Always a warm and inviting favorite, new carpeting is always a welcome addition to the home.

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With today’s modern weaves and rich colors, you can add excitement and vibrancy with any number of carpet styles. Don’t be afraid to add area rugs to your floor, whether it is hardwood flooring or carpet, for an added flair!

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