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Next to your walls, nothing in your home is more visible than your flooring designs. Today’s homeowners have access to more new flooring and carpeting installation options than every before, making it possible to design the perfect room from floor to ceiling. From new materials to new designs, the flooring industry has provided homeowners with many exciting and innovative design elements, making the hardest part of designing a room choosing just one new flooring element.

Flooring is as much a reflection of our personal tastes as it is an integral part of our home. While some homeowners are choosing to utilize more traditional flooring options, such as carpet, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring, today, it is possible to select flooring that utilizes a wealth of new and recovered materials.

Hot ‘New’ Materials

Today’s hottest new flooring styles, showcased by companies like Contract Carpet One, are anything but traditional. Materials used to create innovative flooring options include:

  • Recycled Rubber
  • Concrete
  • Spanish and Italian Ceramics
  • Woven Vinyl
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Reformulated Linoleum

Of these selections, perhaps reformulated linoleum is the most exciting, as it combines intriguing design elements with a material that is known for its strength and durability. Reformulated laminate offers several benefits to the homeowner:

  • Reformulated laminate is rigorously tested to meet environmental and safety standards.
  • Reformulated laminate has higher durability standards than traditional laminates.
  • Quality reformulated laminate does not mean expensive flooring.
  • Installation is easily and quickly performed by a professional team.
  • Regular maintenance is easy and will ensure long life for the flooring material.

Perhaps more importantly, reformulated laminate offers homeowners a larger selection of styles, designs, and colors, making selecting the ideal new flooring option simple.

Going Even Wilder

Still, for those interested in a slightly more cutting edge option for their flooring needs, there are other exciting possibilities available. Bamboo flooring is another popular options, particularly for those interested in green or sustainable living practices. Today’s bamboo floors are more durable than ever before and, coupled with clean installations practices, can help ensure a safe and ecological footprint-reducing experience for the home owner.

Slightly more irregular is flooring comprised of leather. These floors are durable and exceptional. Homeowners with a modern design perspective, or those wishing to showcase their eclectic nature, may wish to mix in some leather flooring options along with more traditional features.

Working with a professional flooring and carpet provider, such as Contract Carpet One, will allow you access to not only the latest materials and styles in flooring options, but also professional installation. Selection, innovation, installation, and style are at the heart of today’s newest flooring options.

Today’s new flooring options truly do showcase more than your design aesthetic. Properly chosen and installed, they can seamlessly comment on who you are as a person, what is important to you, and how you have chosen to live your life. Work closely with your flooring and carpet provider to select and install the flooring that is most representative of who you are. From cork floors to leather floors, you’ll easily find just the flooring you need.

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