Hands On Guide to Getting Tough Stains Out of Carpet

During the holiday season there are two common types of carpet stains – wax stains and wine stains. Not only will these be a pain to remove from your carpet, but they can also set in forever if not addressed quickly.  To avoid having permanent stains on your carpet from the holidays, follow these stain removal tips:

Wax Stains

Burning candles melts wax – nothing groundbreaking here. Your first instinct will be to try and remove the wax while it is still warm and flexible but don’t – wait until the wax is dried and hard! This makes it much easier to remove it without ruining the texture or coloring your carpet by digging the wax deeper into carpet fibers.

  • You can speed up the hardening process by rubbing ice across the wax.
  • Scrape a butter knife across the wax to start removing some of the top layer. Make sure to vacuum up the particles before you continue or these can just get stuck in your rug and possibly discolor it.
  • Take wax paper, a paper towel or a paper bag (stay away from anything with prints or text as they will transfer in this process), and place it on top of the wax. Heat up your iron – no steam – and slowly start going over the affected area in a circular motion until the wax separates from the carpet.
  • Keep repeating this process until all the wax is lifted and continue the process on any other spots left over by the color of the candle wax.

Wine Stains

Red wine spills, if left unaddressed, can ruin a carpet. However, there are ways to remove red wine stains from carpet:

  • As soon as possible after the spill, blot – DO NOT RUB – as much of the liquid up from the carpet as you can. Do this with a towel and make sure you are just blotting the area and not transferring it to unspoiled carpet.
  • Once the excess liquid is off the carpet, take some salt and pour it over the entire area. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes to soak up the spill and color.
  • You can repeat this step if you feel it could be useful. However, if it doesn’t do the entire trick, use some liquid detergent to get the rest of the stain out.
  • Remember—just keep blotting!
  • After you’re finished blotting simply vacuum up the salt left behind.


Wax and wine can be a death sentence to carpet, but with these tips you now have the power to save your beautiful flooring!

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