Healthier Living Carpet Installation FAQs

Having new carpet installed can be very exciting for home owners. But this exciting process does not come without some avoidable risks. Amidst the removal of old floor coverings, allergens, mold, mildew, bacteria, dust and other irritants can be unearthed and circulated in the air you breeze. For this reason the Healthier LivingTM Carpet Installation System was developed to reduce existing and prevent future health irritants.

For homeowners, designers and decorators who have yet to experience the long list of benefits provided by the Healthier Living system, we’ve compiled this list of useful Frequently Asked Questions.:

Does the Healthier Living Installation protect other rooms in the home? Unlike older practices, carpet contractors seal off the room they work on before beginning the Healthier Living Installation. Only then do the contractors go to work, vacuuming the carpet with special HEPA filters to remove dust and allergens. Then the carpet and padding are removed only to have the floor vacuumed AGAIN. This contains all of the dirt and dust unearthed from the old flooring from invading other rooms in the house.

What kind of padding is used? In floors where the Healthier Living Installation is used, contractors install an antimicrobial pad underneath. Dust and dirt are not the only enemies to our health, mold and mildew can be just as harmful to our bodies. For homes with children or pets, antimicrobial pads also come in handy with special leak guards in case of spilled juice cups or accidents in the house. Generally, those who are sensitive to mold and mildew benefit the most from this kind of protection.

How much does it cost? Costs on flooring and carpet installation varies depending on your flooring service provider. Often, big box stores and “discount” stores will offer certain prices and promotions on flooring installation depending on demand and season. When you use Contract Carpet One, a Healthier Living Installation is available at no extra cost, year-round.

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