What is the Healthier Living Installation System?

healthier living installation

The health and well being of your family is one of your most important considerations to make when buying or renovating a home. Something you may not have thought about is the health impact of your flooring choices. If you are concerned with overall health, especially allergens, mold, and mildew within the home, then spend some time looking into the Healthier Living flooring installation option from Contract Carpet One and find out how this simple solution can make a big difference.

Carpet and other flooring are available in styles that are friendly for those who suffer from significant allergies. However, unless you take certain precautions during the carpet installation process, you will find that the positive impact on allergy reduction is less than it could be. Only by using a Healthier Living carpet pad and following proper installation procedures will you achieve the ultimate carpet-related allergy reduction. Learn more about the precautions that are taken when you choose a Healthier Living carpet installation instead of following the typical procedure.

Carpet Removal

The first step, before you install your Healthier Living carpet padding, is removing the old carpet. With a normal procedure, the carpet is removed with little thought given to the allergens that could be buried deep in your old carpet. However, following the Healthier Living flooring process the room is sealed off from the rest of the house and the carpet is vacuumed with a special HEPA filter cleaner. This will reduce the amount of allergens that are released into the air when the carpet is pulled out.


Before the Healthier Living carpet padding is installed, the subfloor itself is treated with the patented Healthinex antimicrobial pre-installation treatment. This disinfects, protects, and diminishes allergens, mold, mildew and other harmful microorganisms. This treatment meets indoor Air & Surface Quality standards.

Carpet Cushion

Using a Healthier Living carpet pad is one of the most important parts of this installation process. The carpet pad provides a cushion between the carpet and the hard sub-floor. Typical carpet cushion can provide a breeding ground for allergens and other organisms that can harm your family, whereas the Healthier Living carpet pad not only prevents harmful allergens from spreading, but also benefits your household in a number of ways:

  • BioShield protection inhibits growth of mold, mildew and bacteria that can cause odors and allergic reactions
  • Spill Bloc technology provides a 98% moisture-resistant rating that prevents spills from seeping through to the subfloor
  • Hypo-allergenic cushion
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Protected by an exclusive Forever Warranty


After all these steps are completed you are ready to install the carpet of your choice. Healthier Living flooring experts in the Beltsville, Maryland location of Contract Carpet One can help you choose a carpet option that will work well for your home and family. Installing hypoallergenic carpet with the Healthier Living flooring installation system assures that you get the optimal results when it comes to protecting your family’s health through carpeting choices.

Receive a free in-home consultation to see if the Healthier Living Installation is for your home! If you’re interested in learning more read our Healthier Living Installation FAQ blog!


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