History of the Glamorous Red Carpet

History of the Red CarpetContract Carpet One always brings you useful information about carpet maintenance and styles. We want to cover one of the most popular carpets there is – the red carpet!

There is lots of glitz and glamour surrounding this floor fashion, but no one really knows why – no one but Contract Carpet One, that is! Here is a timeline of the red carpet’s history, and major events surrounding its use.

458 B.C.

Aeschylus, a playwright who is acknowledged as the father of the tragedy, is credited with the first reference to the red carpet, as we know it. In the play Agamemnon, the title character is portrayed as very haughty and arrogant. To bring him down a few notches, his wife offers him a “red path” to walk upon, as this was a privilege only granted to the gods at this time. When met with the option, Agamemnon responds by saying, “I am a mortal, a man; I cannot trample upon these tinted splendors without fear thrown in my path.”

Since then, Renaissance paintings have shown red carpets before the feet of royalty, and leading the way to thrones.


James Monroe, fifth president of the United States, travels to Georgetown, South Carolina, where a red carpet is rolled out to welcome him upon arrival. This is the first use of the red carpet in such a way in the United States, and it would make way for later trends in service and hospitality.


Trains Red CarpetThis is the beginning of the 20th Century Limited, a train used by the New York Central to transport passengers between New York and Chicago. At Grand Central terminal, guests would walk on a red carpet that extended along the length of the boarding platform. This was to give guests a taste of the treatment they would experience on-board.

Because the Limited train served the wealthy and business tycoons, it came to be associated with luxury, and around 1938, the phrase “red-carpet treatment” was coined.


On April 17, 1961, the Oscars used the red carpet for the first time at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. It has since been rolled out each year in the same way with the exception of the 2003 Oscars, due to the United States invasion of Iraq.


Installing the red carpet now takes two days, and it covers over 16,500 square feet of space. Events of all types now use a similar carpet technique, such as weddings, balls, and galas. Some have even changed the color of the carpet! This is the case with the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, which uses a carpet colored with their signature orange.

As you can see, there is a rich history associated with the glamorous red carpet. Was this lesson too short? Visit here for more information.

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