The Hottest Carpet Trends of 2014

bold colored carpet trendy in 2014

Carpet trends of 2014 are pushing in the direction of personal creativity, and away from neutral practicality.

Carpeting has come a long way in the last few decades. In the 1990’s, the general consumer attitude was that carpet had to be neutral colored and it had to be Berber. Berber, an easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to match carpet was practical for so many reasons that many homeowners couldn’t imagine making any other choice. Gone were the days of 1980’s sea-foam and mauve colored carpets or 1970’s shag.

Berber carpets of the 1990’s have left a lasting impression that remains with us today. Berber is still the carpet of choice for public places like office buildings and waiting rooms. Yet, domestic carpet trends are moving away from the standards of the 90’s. These trends include unique and interesting patterns, bright color choices, and soft textured piles.

Bold Color

Neutrals are practical if you’re fixing up a rental unit or carpeting a doctor’s office. There’s value to be found in the ability to match your carpet to every conceivable piece of furniture. Yet homeowners today are increasingly drawn to bright, vibrant colors–and here’s why:

  • The Creativity Factor – The very reason that homeowners favored neutral colors in the 90’s is the reason they dismiss it now: because neutrals are boring. Neutral tones hide in the background, granting more attention to pieces of furniture and wall colors. Today’s carpets are unapologetically bright, fun, and outspoken. Orchid purple. Garden green. Saddle orange. They speak volumes about the homeowner and decorator. They are exotic and free.
  • Dark, Bold Colors Hide Dirt – High traffic areas are best carpeted in bolder, darker colors that hide footprints, wear and tear. Parents of young children love dark carpeting because mud, spills, and other accidents will be invisible in the pile.

Unexpected Textures

Texture is the new norm when it comes to carpeting styles! Just a few decades ago, Berber’s static, closed loop form set the standard for all new carpet types. Carpets of 2014 feature a variety of textures including swirls, ripples, waves, floral designs, and more. Paired with solid-colored furniture, these carpets become a standout element of any room.

Alternatively, heavily patterned carpets are especially exciting when paired with furniture of contradicting patterns. For example, try combining carpet that features an organic, loopy pattern with furniture that boasts a striped or checkerboard pattern–but be careful not to combine too many patterns in a small room. Remember that larger rooms can handle more texture and visual interest, while smaller rooms need a higher percentage of neutral textures in order to maintain order.

Comfortable Piles

Another reason why Berber carpeting was so popular not very long ago is because the short pile was capable of handling years of heavy treading with grace. This was a big plus when compared with shag carpets, which could easily become worn down in high-traffic areas.

Yet, Berber is not a necessity in all rooms of the house. Softer, more luxurious piles are appropriate for bedroom spaces. Imagine removing your shoes and digging your toes into a soft, silky pile. In a bedroom, the comfort and luxury of soft piles reinforces the function of the room itself: it is a room of relaxation. A room to feel at home in. In addition, most bedrooms are low-traffic areas where a soft pile will not become quickly worn down.

To sum up, if one word could be used to describe the carpet trends of 2014, it would be “distinctive.” We’ve all become accustomed to the low-maintenance, neutral-colored, hard carpets that were popular just 20 years ago. Homeowners are now seeking something new and different. Whatever carpet you pick, make it interesting. Make it unique. Make it stand out in whatever room it occupies.

What are your thoughts about 2014 carpet trends? Visit our showroom to speak in-person with one of our knowledgeable staff members, or call us today. We’ve got great carpeting ideas to share with you, and we’re always excited to discuss the latest and greatest carpeting options available on the market.


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