Maryland Flooring Guide: What to Consider Before Installing New Carpet

Buying new carpet is more complex than just walking into a hardware store expecting to find answers. As part of our Maryland Flooring Guide series, we’ve highlighted key topics to consider before buying and installing your new flooring. Today we look into some of the questions to ask before you select your new carpet.

Carpet Installation - Beltsville, Maryland

What is the goal of purchasing new carpet?

Every homeowner or designer should arm themselves with a game plan for their next flooring investment. Are you looking to install a plush new carpet for maximum comfort, or are you just looking to replace old, worn carpet that can resist high-traffic usage?

Where is the carpet going to be installed?

Not all rooms should be carpeted the same. Your flooring choices for the living room will sometimes differ greatly from that of your children’s bedroom or basement. Comfort, style, color and square footage can be significantly different depending on which rooms and how many rooms you plan on carpeting.

Who will be doing the carpet installation?

Installing a new flooring solution requires serious labor. If you’re looking for expert consultation and capable installers, contact your local Maryland Carpet Installers.

When would you like to install your new carpet?

When you schedule a free carpet design consultation with Contract Carpet One, a member of our expert staff will follow up with you to help you choose the perfect solution for any room.

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