Flooring Wars: Laminate vs. Vinyl

Last week, we took a look into the wonderful world of wooden floors. In our piece on choosing between hardwood and laminate flooring – we took an in-depth look into which flooring solution would best fit your home, design, sense of style and/or décor.

Today, we’re going to flip the script and look into the pros and cons of affordable, easy-to-install vinyl flooring solutions compared to wooden aesthetic that laminate flooring can provide.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor coverings are made of a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Soft and flexible, vinyl flooring solutions are generally sold as individual tiles or in large sheets.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Extremely durable and virtually stain resistant, vinyl provides a favorable flooring option for active households whose floors must be able to sustain high traffic. Vinyl flooring is also extremely low maintenance, versatile – with experts in flooring installation – your new floors can be ready to go before you know it.

Did we mention vinyl flooring was cheap? Compared to some options, materials can cost as much as 70 percent less for a vinyl floor than for any other flooring type – depending on the retailer and floor type.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring consists of a mix of materials bonded together under high pressure. Many laminate coverings consist of a moisture-resistant layer with a layer of high-density fiberboard, topped off with a high-resolution photographic image of some type of natural wood flooring.

Why Choose Laminate?

Also a budget-friendly flooring option – laminate flooring solutions can provide wood floor lovers an affordable flooring option with the same aesthetic. Once again, simplicity mixed in with trusted flooring installation means your laminate flooring can be installed quickly, easily, and budget friendly.

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