Maryland Flooring Guide: Living Rooms

Summertime is here – that means time for home improvement projects and renovations. What better place to start beautifying your home than from the ground up.

While you contemplate your latest change in interior décor, we’ve provided a few notes regarding what you should consider when embarking on a new flooring or carpet solution

Living Rooms

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Today, we begin our Maryland Flooring Guide series in your living room, often the first seen room of your home. It’s your sanctuary when you’re without company; it’s where you might kick back with a good book, your favorite TV show, or whatever it is that makes you feel at home.

If you use your living room to entertain guests, the look and feel of the room will set the impression for the look and feel of the rest of your home. Whether your design is contemporary or traditional, elegant or down to earth: your living room design gives a glimpse of how you want your visitors to view your taste.

Because you and/or your guests are usually seated – foot traffic is usually lower in your living room than other portions of your house. This means appearance and style take priority over durability.  Although, you do want your floors to resist stains or at least clean up easily so you can maintain their look.


HardwoodDesired Qualities: Stylish. Adds value to home.

TileDesired Qualities: Very stylish – easily customizable to your personal style. Adds value to home.

LaminateDesired Qualities: Adds the look of wood or tile, but costs less. Requires less upkeep.

CarpetDesired Qualities: Soft, plush, comfortable.

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