Style, Comfort and Durability – The Hallmarks of Luxury Flooring

The flooring you choose throughout your home will play a large role in both your future decor decisions and your everyday life. Selecting the correct flooring often means selecting flooring that is durable and easy to maintain. These two goals, coupled with your desire to enhance the overall look and feel of your home, should be the driving force behind future flooring and carpeting decisions.

Importance of the Right Flooring

It is often difficult to select the best flooring for your particular needs. Today, the flooring industry encompasses thousands of different types, styles, and colors, leading many to flooring overload before the process has truly begun. When reviewing new flooring options offered by companies such as Contract Carpet One, it may be helpful to consider several concepts:

  • Flooring is an essential element of your design.
  • Flooring should be durable enough for daily traffic.
  • Climate should be carefully considered.
  • Flooring can improve the safety of your home.

While most homeowners consider the design and durability of new flooring, many overlook how climate and safety affect Maryland flooring. Granite tile may be beautiful to look at, but impracticable in colder climates. Thick, shag carpeting is one of the latest ‘new’ flooring options offered by many companies, but may not be the best choice for families struggling with health issues. Your new flooring is an investment and every aspect of the flooring should be considered.

With these four elements in mind, carefully consider the two largest flooring categories available to you, carpet and hard surface floors.


Those homeowners who select carpet as their flooring choice often use it as a sort of blank canvas on which to build the rest of their overall design for each room. Carpeting gives the impression of luxury and warmth to many who view it. Thick carpet, in a muted tone, can provide the homeowner with a beautiful walking surface that can be used as a base for other decor elements.

Hard Surface Flooring

Conversely, hard surface floors, which include hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, and natural stone, are often used to either create a dynamic and ‘clean’ decor option, or chosen as a specific decor element for a room. For example, a hard wood floor surface is a simple and clean design element that is ideal for either rustic or traditional decor.

What to Consider

When selecting one of the new Beltsville flooring or Beltsville Carpet options, there are several elements to consider. Today’s flooring choices are far easier to care for than those in the past; however, carefully review any special requirements before installing the flooring. For example, a hard wood floor may need to be waxed and buffed, while some carpets may not be ideal for high traffic areas and will require regular maintenance. Next, while most homeowners install new flooring approximately every seven to ten years, be sure to carefully review the durability rating of the flooring material.

Installing new flooring throughout your home can provide you with more than a walking surface. Flooring or carpeting can serve as an integral design element and, properly maintained, can be an excellent investment for your home.

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