How to Maintain Marble Tile

Marble Tile Floor

Maintaining marble flooring is different than maintaining hardwood, regular ceramic tile floorings, or other stone materials. Marble, a natural stone, requires special care and appropriate methods of cleaning to maintain the shine and luster of the freshly installed stone.

Sweep Daily

Although marble is not the softest flooring material, scratches can occur from small rocks and other items that are dragged over the floor. The best way to keep the floor clean and free of dirt is by sweeping.

Sweep the marble tile flooring each day to remove dust and small rocks tracked in from shoes. Even better, avoid wearing shoes on marble tile flooring.

Mop the Floor

Depending on your personal schedule, mopping may or may not be as regular as sweeping. However, as a general rule it is best to mop the floor with water and a non-acidic cleaning product at least once per week. A cotton cloth mop or string mops are the best options when cleaning this type of floor. The cotton material is soft enough to avoid scratching the surface of the marble, and the biodegradable nature of the material makes it an environmentally friendly choice when the mop is no longer sanitary.

The best cleaning products for a marble surface are non-acidic, such as marble and granite cleaner or castile soap. National Geographic states that marble should never be cleaned with vinegar or cleaning products that contain citric acid. It will ruin the finish on the stone and cause damage to the marble tiles.

Clean Spills Immediately

Since marble and the finish on marble tiles can be damaged with acidic materials, it is best to wipe up spills immediately using a cotton cloth and an appropriate cleaning product.

Mud and dirt need to be cleaned as soon as possible as well because they can stain your marble floors if on the floor for too long. Any traces of mud that are left behind should be wiped up with a dry clean cotton cloth to prevent any scrapes and scratches.

Get Professional Assistance

Marble tile flooring sometimes requires professional buffing or honing services. As a general rule, hiring professional services once a year will remove any scratches and refinish the surface for better protection. It is best to leave buffing and honing to a professional because the materials can leave scratches if the process is not performed properly.

If you notice that the tiles are coming loose, hire a professional to work on the repairs. Professionals will not damage the marble during the repair process and can maintain the original color while refinishing the floor.

Keeping up with a marble floor is not difficult, and the durable natural stone can last for years with proper care. Although professionals should handle repairs, resurfacing and buffing, keeping the floors clean and removing spills immediately will keep the floors looking great and feeling comfortable on bare feet.

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