Make Your College Space Feel Like Home with Some Dorm Décor!

dorm room rugCollege dorm rooms and apartments are pretty bare-bones: White walls, plain floors, a small window, and dorm furniture. Making your room feel more like home can lift your mood by creating a more intimate and warm space. Try these tips to spruce up your college apartment or dorm by infusing some of your personality and warmth.

Upgrading the Basics

Part of what makes college living spaces so lifeless is the fact that everything is so basic and boring. If you have a sense of taste and style, then that ugly, dated dorm furnture won’t speak to you. The good news is that by investing just a bit of money to upgrade the basics, your space will look and feel a lot better!

Lighting is a great place to begin. Your apartment probably has fluorescent overhead lights, which are not very warm. Look for standing or desk lamps that are fun and functional. You could also purchase several strings of fairy lights and string these around the edges of a room. These will lend a warm glow to the college apartment and instantly make the space feel more cozy.

Flea markets, estate sales, secondhand stores, and websites like Craigslist are the perfect place to look for furniture on the cheap. If you’re trying to furnish an apartment, you may be able to find a fun sofa, futon, or easy chair that you can use in the apartment in place of baseline wooden chairs that came from the university.

If you have a kitchen in your apartment, these are also great places to find plates, bowls, and cooking utensils.

Adding Touches of Comfort

Once you’ve upgraded the basics, your place probably looks a bit better. At this point, turn your focus to adding a few comfort touches. You can infuse a little more comfort into your apartment by adding pillows, rugs, blankets, artwork, and house plants as your budget allows.

Throw pillows and plush blankets will not only make your secondhand sofa look better, they can be used when you’re watching movies or studying. Get extras of these so you can use some in your bedroom to snuggle up and study.

Area rugs can cover an ugly floor and make the space look and feel a bit better by adding an infusion of color and texture. They’ll also be warmer in the winter than chilly linoleum or wood, and can help to define an area within the apartment.

Artwork and house plants help to make the space more cheery. Oversized posters are often a staple of college life, and they’re definitely cheap and fun. For a little bit more money, you can purchase poster frames that instantly upgrade these. Tapestries are another great way to cover a plain wall with something vibrant. For a smaller space, you can collect, frame, and hang inexpensive prints or photographs.

Succulents are the perfect low maintenance plants; aloe vera, a succulent, doubles as a burn relief gel.

Even if you are on a budget, you can incorporate these tips for making your apartment homier. Start by making the adjustments that will make the largest impact on your life, and then continue making upgrades as your budget and time allows. To get some inspiration for your dorm décor, have a look at our area rug section and contact us today!

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