Maryland Flooring Guide: Dining Rooms

Summertime is here – that means time for home improvement projects and renovations. What better place to start beautifying your home than from the ground up.

While you contemplate your latest change in interior décor, we’ve provided a few notes regarding what you should consider when embarking on a new flooring or carpet solution.

The Dining Room

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Today, we take our Maryland Flooring Guide series to your dining room. The dining room may be the most social room in your home. While entertaining guests, you probably utilize the dining and living rooms most – you can actually enjoy private time in your living room alone with a book, but nobody enjoys eating alone.

That being said, the décor of your dining room is very important. You want a room that you can show off to friends at parties, to colleagues at cocktail hour and to your parents when they come over for dinner. The look and feel of your dining room should reflect your personal style and taste – do you want it to feel warm and welcome; sophisticated and elegant; or contemporary and fresh.

But when it comes to dining room floor coverings, durability is just as important as design – for the same reasoning. If you’re entertaining guests often, or even just pulling out/pushing in chairs for family dinner, your dining room floors take a serious beating. You need to be able to take into account that punishment when selecting your dining room floor options.

Along with durability, you want to make sure your floor coverings clean easily. Chances are you’ll have your children’s spaghetti or coworkers’ cocktails spilled at some point or another and you don’t want to worry about permanent staining on your new floors.

So let’s review – you want options that clean easily, last against heavy foot traffic and look great. Tall order, but we’ve got you covered…

Flooring Suggestions

Hardwood FlooringDesired Qualities: Very stylish and durable. Adds value to home. Use Area Rugs for Stain Protection and to prevent scratches.

Laminate FlooringDesired Qualities: Durable and easier to clean than wood. Adds the look of wood or tile, with less cost. Requires less upkeep.

Ceramic TileDesired Qualities: Very stylish and durable. Adds value to home.

Vinyl FlooringDesired Qualities: Very easy to maintain. Easily customizable design. Budget Friendly

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