Maryland Flooring Guide: Adding Home Value with Hardwood Part 2

Fueled in part by the major crash a few years back, today’s housing market is quite volatile. One result of this is that homeowners are more nervous than ever about investing money back into their homes with renovations that were once thought to be common, thus diminishing the overall value of their properties. With all the turmoil, what’s a home improvement project homeowners can make that will provide a huge return on investment? We recommend hardwood flooring.

Unlike some home improvement options that are fads or trends, hardwood flooring is a classic design option that stands the test of time. Chosen correctly, this style of floor can make a major impact on the price of your home when the time comes to sell – that’s why we like hardwood flooring options so much! Read below to see just how beneficial hardwood floors can be.


Hardwood is a very flexible flooring option. There are many hardwood options, types, and styles that can enable you to use the flooring in nearly any room of the home. Hardwood is available in durable and easy to maintain options that are perfect for rooms like the kitchen or family room; however, there are also more exotic styles that give a unique and high-end appearance.

Even a few years ago, designers hesitated to add hardwood floor to rooms like a kitchen or bathroom because there was a high risk of water damage and scratches to the finish. Today, however, more manufacturers are using materials like bamboo

and walnut in the flooring, which are very strong materials. In addition, new treatments can prevent damage from liquid and cooking spills.

Exotic hardwoods are gaining favor as well. In the past, only architects and commercial designers had access to these unique hardwood styles. Now national and local flooring retailers offer a wide range of hardwood species from around the world. South American Tigerwood is a reddish-brown hardwood with black striping, bringing to mind the appearance of a tiger, while Brazilian cherry comes in shades that range from light tan to deep reddish brown. These exotic woods allow you to achieve nearly any look you desire with hardwood.


Finally, hardwood does not have to stand alone. Today, there are many options when it comes to adding borders, integrating wood flooring with other materials and even mixing hardwood species. A knowledgeable design expert can help you create a flooring design scheme that will not only appeal to you in the short term, but also add long term value to your home.

Hardwood flooring has long been appreciated for its beauty around the home and is highly desired by both designers and homeowners. Whether you appreciate the natural appearance of these floors for their intrinsic beauty, or you want a cost-effective and easy to maintain floor covering for adding home value, hardwood is the perfect option.

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