Maryland Flooring Guide: Bathroom

Summertime is here – that means time for home improvement projects and renovations. What better place to start beautifying your home than from the ground up.

While you contemplate your latest change in interior décor, we’ve provided a few notes regarding what you should consider when embarking on a new flooring or carpet solution.

The Bathroom

Today, we take our Maryland Flooring Guide series to your bathroom.

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First and foremost: your bathroom needs to be waterproof. Your floor coverings don’t need to just be resistant to moisture, they must be able to completely seal in water from running off into the infrastructure of your house. Moisture can warp wood and cause mold to grow. They also take some serious foot traffic, so your floor must be durable to prevent cracks, which will let moisture leak.

Because they can handle the physical conditions, ceramic tile and vinyl are the most popular options, but their value isn’t solely in their durability. These two types of floor coverings are extremely versatile and can easily be customized so you can design the bathroom of your dreams. They can also be used as wall-coverings if you’d like to further customize your new bathroom’s design. Bathrooms can be fun to design – while some would rather not focus their creative energies on a room so private, there are countless ways your can make your bathroom’s look and feel pop.

Finally, you want to make sure you take into account comfort and safety.  Laminate flooring and wood can work in some cases when a bathroom is not excessively damp. But, you must make sure you select a finish with good traction when wet.

Flooring Suggestions

Ceramic TileDesired Qualities: Water-Resistant. Very stylish and durable. Adds value to home.

Vinyl FlooringDesired Qualities: Water-Resistant. Easily customizable. Budget Friendly

Laminate FlooringDesired Qualities: Durable against foot-traffic. Adds the look of wood or tile, with cheaper price tag. Requires less upkeep.

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