Maryland Flooring Guide: Kitchens

Today, we take our Maryland Flooring Guide series to your kitchen. The kitchen is one of rooms in the home (right behind the bathroom) where flooring is often noticed first. Countertops, cabinets and appliances complete the design, but your choice in floor covering is arguably the most visible component. With other rooms, the furniture and accent pieces usually pop out to a visitor’s eye, but your kitchen doesn’t (usually) contain much furniture.  So where to start?

Choosing Your Flooring
Like most any room, your choice in design in the kitchen is representative of your overall personal taste. Whether contemporary or classic; urban or rural; metallic or organic; the main themes or motifs in your kitchen design will speak to your aesthetic preferences.

Style aside, the kitchen is one of your most heavily traveled areas of the your home, so the flooring MUST be durable. It needs to last against a lot of foot traffic, heavy spills and other potential stains. For that reason, carpet is not a smart choice. Ceramic tile is very popular because of its ability to add value to your home, as well as its durability and visually pleasing design options, although it can be susceptible to cracks if you drop something heavy on it (I’m looking at you, giant pot of pasta).

Vinyl flooring provides a favorable combination of high durability, ease of maintenance and resistance to water, stains and spills, and often has a bit of “give” to it, allowing drops cause less – if any – damage. It also tends to be less expensive than ceramic tile. The beauty of vinyl comes in its value, as you get many of the favorable characteristics of other flooring options without the budget.

In the end, it’s your home – the most important thing is that you like your choice. Pick something you will enjoy!

Vinyl Floors - Maryland Flooring

Flooring Suggestions

Vinyl FlooringDesired Qualities: Very Durable. Very easy to maintain. Water/Stain Resistant

Ceramic TileDesired Qualities: Adds value to home. Possibly best style option. Very Durable.

Laminate FlooringDesired Qualities: Provides Aesthetic of Wood Floors without Cost. Easy to Maintain.


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