Maryland Flooring Guide: Laundry Rooms & Workrooms

Today, we take our Maryland Flooring Guide series to your laundry room. You probably don’t even consider the flooring options for your laundry room or workroom, being the least public room in your entire home. Seriously, how often do you entertain guests while washing your clothes?

Even though this room doesn’t see much foot traffic, durability is still a key factor when deciding on floor coverings. Laundry detergent, chemicals, bleach, tools, clutter and other hazards can abrade and stain floors. Similar to bathrooms, water and humidity are everyday concerns as well. You don’t just want a spill/stain resistant floor; you want something that won’t pose safety and heath concerns. Carpet doesn’t bode will in the laundry rooms not only because of stains, but water that sits in and under carpet can grow mold.

Throw the stylebook out of the window. Aesthetics should mean nothing in a workroom. If you’re trying to impress people with your laundry room floor coverings – then you’re wasting money. Keep it simple with your flooring solutions in this room. You want something durable, yet easy to maintain. While not necessary, a non-slippery surface is helpful if you’re willing to invest in nice materials. Vinyl and ceramic tile are two good choices.

Flooring Suggestions

Vinyl FlooringDesired Qualities: Best combination of affordability and durability. Highly resistant to spills and stains.

Ceramic TileDesired Qualities: Most durable option. Adds value to home. Highly resistant to spills, stains and scratches.

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