Maryland Flooring Guide: Master Bedroom

Summertime is here – that means time for home improvement projects and renovations. What better place to start beautifying your home than from the ground up.

While you contemplate your latest change in interior décor, we’ve provided a few notes regarding what you should consider when embarking on a new flooring or carpet solution.

The Master Bedroom

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Today, we continue our Maryland Flooring Guide series in your bedroom – the master bedroom. The most intimate of rooms in your home, the bedroom only serves one master: You!

Maybe your kids will come in once in a while to jump on your bed or wake you up on Christmas morning; or maybe you’ll give up the master room when your parents come to visit for the weekend. But for the most part, comfort and design in your bedroom is designed and focused on your and/or your spouse. Nobody else’s perception should drive the decision for floor coverings in this room – just your personal comfort and taste.

Design can be customized to your liking no matter the flooring type, but comfort needs to be priority numero uno. You’ll either want something plush that feels good under your feet like plush carpet. Although, if asthma or allergies prevent you from being able to sleep in a room with carpeting, you should consider other flooring options.

Flooring Suggestions

CarpetDesired Qualities: Plush Comfort.

Hardwood FloorsDesired Qualities: Hypo-allergenic. Great traditional look. Adds value to home.

Ceramic TileDesired Qualities: Hypo-allergenic. Very stylish. Adds value to home.

Laminate FlooringDesired Qualities: Hypo-allergenic. Adds the look of wood or tile, with cheaper price tag. Requires less upkeep.

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