Maryland Flooring Guide: Questions to Ask Before Installing Hardwood

Buying new hardwood flooring is more complex than just walking into a hardware store expecting to find answers. As part of our Maryland Flooring Guide series, we’ve highlighted key questions to consider before purchase and installation.

Hardwood Floors - Beltsville, MD

Why purchase real hardwood over less costly alternatives?

While imitation hardwood can give you much of the same appearance that authentic hardwood flooring does, going with the real thing adds significant resale value to your home.

Where in your home are you looking to install new floors?

Hardwood is very durable and adds the most direct value in the more visible rooms of your home. Living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and dens often make great choices for hardwood. Be careful, though – consider using area rugs to protect your new flooring from scratches and blemishes associated with high-traffic areas of the home.

Who will be doing the installation?

Most homeowners are not experienced enough with the unique challenges of installing their own hardwood floors. Considering the risks of improper installation – such as cracks, creaks and gaps, paying for professional installation may be worth the extra expense in the long run.  

When would you like to install your new floor?

When you schedule a free flooring design consultation with Contract Carpet One, a member of our expert staff will follow up with you to help you choose the perfect solution for any room.

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