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Who says floors have to be all function, no fun? Keeping up with the latest flooring trends in Maryland is a great way to decide how you should decorate your home and help it look its best. Whether you want something to make your home more comfortable for you and your family, or you are looking to improve the appearance for resale, the addition of new flooring is a great option. Consider these top flooring trends and find the look that is perfect for your situation.

  • Bamboo – While bamboo flooring has been around for years, just recently has it exploded in popularity. There are more colors and patterns available than ever before. Bamboo is very popular among the eco-friendly since it is a renewable resource.
  • Large Format Tile – Tile flooring used to be standard. However, today there are more sizes available than ever—including large format tiles that come in sizes as large as 36” x 36”. This makes for easy installation and gives a unique appearance.
  • Cork – Another renewable resource floor covering, cork is both comfortable to walk on and has excellent acoustics. Cork is also a great choice for its good looks and flexibility.
  • Textured Carpets – There are more textured carpets available than ever before. Textures and patterns both hide dirt, which make them a terrific choice for high-traffic areas.
  • Bold Colors – Neutrals have always been the go-to color choice when it comes to carpets. However, there are now more bright and bold shades today that can give any room a touch of personality and style. Utilized correctly, bold colors are a stylish alternative to the same old beige floors. Read our 2013 carpet trends article to see which colors are the most popular this year!

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