Learn How A New Carpet Can Ease Your Allergies

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Families who suffer from severe allergies become confined to their medication. Do you forget what a day without medication feels like?

Families accustomed to living with allergies often forget there are ways to purify their environment. These methods can help give some relief in the home.

Perhaps you recently moved into a home that previously housed pets and the dander lingers. Perhaps you just have accumulations of outdoor allergens trapped in your carpet from years of use. Even taking off our shoes at the door doesn’t prevent microscopic allergens from entering our home each and every time we leave and return.

These particles build up over time, releasing irritants that inflame our sensitive breathing passageways. The long-term effect is living in an unrestful home.

Who wants that for their loved ones?

Give your family a new carpet, and grant them a fresh start!

Carpet One takes a healthy approach to carpeting with our Healthier Living Installations. Offering both low VOC and synthetic blend carpeting, Carpet One transforms your flooring and gets rid of allergens, molds, and mildews.

First, our specialists seal the room to protect other parts of the house. Next, they remove your existing carpet, taking care to isolate the dust underneath.

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They’ll vacuum with a HEPA filter to pick up any particles that trigger allergic reactions. After removing all debris, our specialists will disinfect your floor with a special antimicrobial treatment. The HealthinEx Preinstallation Treatment reduces existing mold, mildew, and allergens and helps protect the base layers of your room from attracting any new bacteria.

Once you have a clean foundation, you’ll want to prevent new growth with a hypoallergenic carpet cushion that inhibits any nasty irritants from multiplying beneath your feet. This is not an additional option that we add to your bill. We offer this to each of our carpet customers, whether they are prone to allergies or not. Because we believe in the cushion’s extra value, everyone gets the premium choice.

After installation, you will still need to maintain your lush new carpet, but you won’t have daily maintenance as with hardwood. When you don’t capture allergens resting on hardwood with a vacuum or mop every day, each step across it sends the settled allergens back into the air. With a carpet, the particles are kept low, allowing you to practice a normal cleaning schedule without risking reactions.

With a new carpet, you can also use HEPA air filters and occasional deep cleaning to further reduce your home’s allergen population. With your Healthier Living Install and these supplemental strategies, you can be sure that your family has a fresh foundation each and every morning!

Find out what it will take to cover your floors with fresh carpeting. Get a quote now.

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