Your Official Style Guide for Carpeting in 2014

We’re already a month into 2014, and there are some distinct changes and trends that are emerging in terms of carpet styles. From color, to texture, to material, there are many ways that floor furnishings are evolving this year. Contract Carpet One has you covered with the latest and most fashionable flooring created with a quality that is matched by none. Let’s examine the styles, and then discuss which ones are “in” for 2014.

Carpeting Options


Soft options include many different style of carpet, including:

Plain Wool – Despite being the most common type of carpet, this option is far from plain! Wool is known to be highly durable and resilient to wear and tear. It also has a natural ability to resist stains. This makes plain wool carpets ideal for heavy household use and high traffic areas– the carpet can be in place for many years without showing signs of weathering or damage! Despite its tough build, the plain wool option is warm and soft under your feet. This carpet choice offers a supreme balance between functionality and comfort.

Loop Pile – This style of carpet is good if you are seeking a textured and rustic option. It is constructed from synthetic or wool, and has great durability. The loops can be different length to add variations to texture, which make this option usable in many areas of your home.

Saxony – Deep and warm describe the Saxony style carpet to a tee. The pile of this carpet is long and very plush, making the Saxony a perfect bedroom carpet option. Your mornings will transform as you feel the cozy fibers between your toes!

Twist – Have lots of busybodies racing around your home? You want the twist style carpet. The twist pile is designed with tightly twisted yarn fibers, which make the twist highly durable. Maintaining their springy feel underfoot, the twist also retains its color due to its stain resistant properties. Hallways and livings are great to consider having a twist style carpet installed.

Pattern – Patterned carpets are a way to make a bold statement in your home. Rooms that would otherwise be drab are made vibrant with the addition of a patterned carpet. From a fabulous floral, to a stellar stripe, these carpets are not only great for adding character, but for hiding stains as well.

With so many different styles available, it’s easy to find one that will suit your home’s needs. In 2014, color is what will make your carpeting memorable to all who see and experience it.

Carpet Colors

Dark – Choosing a dark carpet option is a perfect way to create a luxurious ambience in any room. With dark choices such as a burgundy or navy, minimal furniture additions are required, which allows the floor to make a statement of its own. A popular style at the moment is the royal opulence of a jewel blue carpet. This deep ocean of color is complimented well by both metal and wood accents, allowing for a range of décor options.

Pastel – Want to give a softer, fresher look to your home this year? Pastels are the way to go. Despite their unimposing shades, pastels add a great sense of warmth and comfort to any room. 2014 is the year that we see movement away from the traditional powdery color, and toward the more trendy chalky shades. Baby blues, light lemons, and pretty pinks will grant an elegant and subtle feeling in your home this year.

Stripes – Thick, thin, bold, narrow, and more, stripes come in a broad variety. Add character and express your personality with a set of striking stripes. There are endless color combinations available in striped patterns, and it is easy to stylishly outfit any space with this timeless design. This year, many are using striped carpet along their hallways. The linear pattern casts the illusion of elongating space, and serves double the purpose of hiding marks in this busy area of your home.

Earth Tones – These rich colors pair perfectly with textured carpets, creating a sense of coziness, and emulating a retreat within the walls of your own home. 2014 is shaping up to be a year of “bringing the outside inside,” so now is a perfect time to add one of these spreads to your home. Consider adorning your earthy space with wooden accessories for a very natural look.

With Contract Carpet One, there’s no reason to sacrifice functionality for style. Consider some of these options when choosing your trendy new floor furnishing in 2014.

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