Pet-Friendly Floor Décor for Your Home

dog-floorWhile pets can bring so much joy to your home, they can also leave quite a mark on your furniture and your flooring. Pets shed hair on your floor, track mud and dirt all over the house, scratch wooden floors with their nails, and otherwise complicate your housekeeping. You can have an attractive and elegant floor that won’t be harmed by the occasional accidents and nail scratches by following these helpful tips.




Best-Choice Flooring for Pets

When you have the choice of selecting a flooring material, these are the best-choice materials for households with pets:

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles, which can be removed and replaced individually, are naturally moisture-resustant. Not only does this make them an ideal flooring solution for bathrooms or laundry rooms, it uniquely qualifies them for pet spaces. These will not soak up urine or other pet stains. The material will hold up to everyday foot traffic. If a tile becomes too scratched, it can be removed and replaced fairly easily.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo offers the same look and feel as wood, but is hardier than hardwood flooring. As such, it stands up better to nail scratches and is less likely to be penetrated by pet stains. As an environmentally-friendly perk, bamboo grows quickly and is a naturally renewable resource.

Painted concrete

For a modern home, painted concrete can be an inexpensive, pet-friendly, and fun option. Concrete that is painted or stained in a bright, cheery color won’t look stark. Pet nails will not scratch the surface, and accidents can be quickly cleaned up.

Natural rugs

Natural rugs, such as those made from sisal or jute, are both attractive and easy to clean. Simply pick up the rug and shake it off from a balcony or patio. The dirt and debris will fall out, leaving you with a clean rug. By providing a layer of cushion between a wood floor and your pet’s feet, these rugs are a great solution for room coverage in a pet home.

Pet-Friendly Flooring Decor

With any of these floorings, area rugs are a nice way to add a personal flair or pull a room together. However, rugs will need to be vacuumed regularly, and can be damaged if your pet tinkles on the carpet. If you want a rug and don’t mind the extra chores, these are good picks:

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles allow you to create as large a rug as you want using interlocking tiles. These are great for pet owners, as stained or damaged squares can be replaced to keep the rug looking fresh.

Animal hide rugs

Counterintuitive as it seems, animal hide rugs (think cow hide) are perfect for homes with pets. The rugs seem to absorb pet hair. Accidents can be blotted up and most stains won’t show.

Indoor/outdoor rugs

Rugs designed for interior and exterior use offer a rugged floor decor that can stand up to pet traffic. Many are waterproof, stain resistant, and can be hosed off to clean.

There are more choices for today’s pet owner than in the past, and these solutions can be adapted to budgets and homes of all sizes. If you’re looking for inspiration, these pet-friendly solutions will give you plenty of new directions for your home.


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