How to Prevent Carpet Fading


The minute that you place your carpet in a location where it receives natural light, it begins to fade. Sunlight can cause slow fading over time. While it is not the only factor in carpet fading, it is the major one. Luckily, carpet cleaning tips can reverse some of this fading and can help prevent additional fading.

Preventing Carpet Fading

As much as possible, limit sunlight exposure to help preserve carpet colors. Keep blinds closed during the day, then open them when you return from work, or consider purchasing ultraviolet light-blocking window treatments, which help to prevent sun fading without mandating closed blinds during the day. For an added level of protection, visit your local carpet store for a fluorocarbon protector, which acts a temporary barrier to carpet fading. These will need to be reapplied periodically, but do offer a measure of protection. If you have area rugs in certain rooms, limit the exposure to direct sunlight by pulling your rug away from the windows toward the center of the room.

Be mindful of what you are wearing when you walk across the carpet. Just as you would not want to traffic muddy feet across the carpet, chemicals in medication like athlete’s foot cream or acne treatment products can alter carpet colors. Household cleaners often include bleach while many carpet cleaners can also strip color from carpets. As a best practice, contact a professional carpet cleaner if you notice that your carpet becomes stained or discolored.

Carpet cleaning tips

A simple salt water carpet cleaning can reverse some sun fading. First, vacuum your carpet to remove dirt. Combine equal parts of salt and hot water in a bowl, stirring until the salt dissolves. Apply the salt water to the carpet using a damp cloth, covering the carpet with a light layer of salt water. Allow the carpet to air dry, then vacuum up the salt. This should restore some color to your carpet.

Spills and accidents happen, but when something happens that can alter carpet colors — time is of the essence. As a first step, blot out stains using paper towels or newspaper. Next, apply cool water to the area to rinse out the remaining urine, and then blot up the liquid with towels. Finally, clean the carpet either with a wet vac or with a carpet cleaning product. Test the latter on your carpet beforehand to ensure that it will not stain the carpet. You may also call a professional carpet cleaner.

While some carpets actually look better with a slight amount of fading, you probably bought your carpet for its vibrant hues and want to maintain them. The moment you notice that your carpet appears somewhat faded, take action to prevent the problem from getting worse. Your carpets are an investment, and keeping them looking their best helps preserve their value and maintain their natural beauty. If you have any questions about carpet care or cleaning, including how to prevent or reverse carpet fading, contact the professionals at Contract Carpet.

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