How to Prevent Leaves from Grinding into Your Carpet

leaves-carpetFall is a wonderful time with crisp cool days and chilly nights. The autumn leaves put on quite a show each year, but that doesn’t mean that you want them in your carpet. Here are some tips to keeping those leaves from getting into your carpets and wreaking havoc.

Keep Your Lawn Free from Falling Leaves

When the leaves are falling, you need to be outside with a rake, or a leaf blower to keep them away from your doorsteps. If they’re not there to track in, you’re not likely to bring them in. That way, there’s no chance of getting leaves accidentally blown inside your home, and ground into your carpet.

Have the Right Doormats

Doormats are pretty important when it comes to keeping dirt, grime, and pieces of leaves from inadvertently entering your home. You should have a doormat outside and inside so that you can catch the dirt as it comes from your shoes.

The problem with doormats is that they are often too short to do any good. What you need are mats that are long enough so that when you walk across them, they pick up the dirt and leaves from your shoes. This requires mats that are at least as long as an adult’s stride.

Make Your House a No-Shoe Zone

Shoes often are the culprits when it comes to leaves and other debris. Even when you’ve walked across the two mats, they can still track in an amazing amount of dirt. That’s why you need to make your carpets a no-shoe zone. You’ll still need to wear socks, but keeping the shoes off the rugs guarantees a cleaner floor.

Vacuum Every Day

Keeping leaves off the rug can be a hassle if they manage to get inside. That’s why vacuuming every day will help keep them from digging their way into your carpet. Don’t like vacuuming? Buy a robotic vacuum cleaner and let it do the chores while you’re at work.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Screened In

There’s nothing like fresh fall air, but leaves can come in along with that air. If you open your doors or windows, be sure the screens are in good shape and can ward away those pesky leaves. Never leave a door open that does not have a screen with it.

Keep Your Carpets Clean

Consider having a professional service clean your carpets three or four times a year if you have children or pets. Once or twice a year is okay for low traffic areas, but your high traffic areas need a deep cleaning every season. That way, you can be sure the leaves and dirt are gone and you have a great, long lasting, and beautiful carpet for years to come.


Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to avoid some of the bothers that come with fall leaves. Thinking of upgrading your floor altogether? Contact us for a design consultation, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling!

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