How to Properly Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is a classic flooring option that helps make a house feel like a home. Although beautiful, hardwood floors require constant maintenance, which is why cleaning hardwood floors can become such a burden. If you have wood floors in your home you have probably considered many different ways to clean them. One of the most popular options for cleaning wood floors is a steam-cleaning machine. Even though some of these machines are specifically designed to work with wood floors, it is important you follow some simple guidelines to ensure you do not do anything to further damage your floors.

  • Step One – Research and find out if the wood floor you have will be damaged by a steam-cleaning machine. Every floor is different. Browsing the manufacturer’s website is the best way to find the proper cleaning methods for your particular floor.
  • Step Two – Make sure your floor is clean of dust and debris before you use the steam cleaner. Dirt particles and other items can scratch your floor’s surface if you do not remove them before you start the steam cleaning process.
  • Step Three – Choose the right cleaning solution. It is important you choose a cleaning product that will not strip away the natural oils in your wood floor or ruin the artificial treatment found on most home hardwood floors. Did you know that for most surfaces a simple solution of vinegar and hot water is ideal? Not only does it clean as well as many store bought products; it is environmentally friendly and safe to use around children and pets. Find out what other natural cleaning products are good for your floors.
  • Step Four – Test the steam cleaner in an inconspicuous area first to make certain there are no unexpected consequences to using the machine.
  • Step Five – Finally, you are ready to steam clean your hardwood floors. Start in the back of the room and work forward, so you do not have to step on the wet surface. Take care to not miss any spots as you go along and move in the direction of the grain for best results.
  • Step Six – Allow the floor to dry naturally if possible.

As you can see, cleaning floors with a steam cleaner is a major task. Do not jump into this process without first making certain you are ready to tackle it. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Contract Carpet Systems to use their expert services in cleaning your particular hardwood floor.

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