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You have a number of options when it comes to carpeting your home – so many that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. The range of styles, colors, qualities, and price ranges in front of you can be daunting when you do not have help. This is why we offer professional carpet design consultants to guide you through the decision making process. You can have carpet that fits your lifestyle and your budget. You just need to know what questions to ask.

Top Questions for Your Carpet Design Consultant

  1. What kind of carpeting do I need for my lifestyle?The way you live your life is an important consideration for your consultant. If you are a family person with children and pets, durability may be a priority when choosing your carpet. If you are design conscious and particular about the overall aesthetic of your home and the rooms inside of it, you may want a specific type of carpet or design. The consultant will help guide you to the right kind of carpet based on your lifestyle needs.
  2. What options fit within my budget?Carpet design consultants are primarily concerned with your happiness, which means working within your budget constraints. While he or she may offer you a range of pricing options to educate you about what possibilities are available to you, the consultant will focus on getting you the best carpet for your money. Do not be afraid to speak honestly about what you want to spend or to explain the range of prices you are willing to consider.
  3. What carpet is best for “x”?You may have a specific need that you need your carpet to fulfill. Carpet technology continues to improve, making it more durable and more comfortable than ever before. Your carpet design consultant has a ton of knowledge about the options you can choose. This means he or she can answer all of your questions about carpet. If you want to know what kind of carpet is best for resisting stains, you can find out. If you want to know the most luxurious carpets, the current carpeting trends, the longest lasting carpet or anything else about carpet, your consultant can tell you.
  4. How much carpet will I need for my home?Your consultant has the tools necessary to calculate your carpet needs based on the design of your home. While you can certainly get a rough estimate on your own, your design consultant is trained to get exact numbers on your carpet requirements and to provide you with an accurate estimate of just how much of each carpet it will take to finish your design.
  5. How do I make my room (or house) look like I want?There is a reason why carpet design consultants need to go through specific training to do the job right. Interior design and carpet design takes training and talent to get right no matter if you have a knack for it or not. This is why it only makes sense to seek out professional help when you want to get your carpet design and interior design exactly right. A professional will help you determine what your main goals are for each room in your house and what it will take to achieve them.

Get Your Carpet Just Right

You are not alone in wanting your house to look just right. Unfortunately, accomplishing this sometimes takes more time and work than you’d expect. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, contact our carpet design consultants to figure out how to get your carpet just right – the first time.

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