How to Remove Scratches From Hardwood Floors

Hardwood has always been a great option for flooring in your home. The beauty of the wood adds color, texture and personality to any room, which is certain to be the talk of all your guests. Another advantage of this flooring option is that it that it is easy to clean. When cared for properly, hardwood floors can last a lifetime.

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Naturally, though, things happen, and over time, the condition of your wood flooring could be affected dramatically. Pets and children will often cause wear and tear, but moving furniture or dropping items most often result in a scratched floor. The quality of your hardwood floor is important in preventing scratches, but the following tips on removing scratches from your hardwood flooring will help you to keep your floors looking brand new.

Method 1 – Color It In

Removing Scratches using CrayonsSome hardware stores sell wood fill sticks. These are primarily just colored wax, and can pose as an inconvenience when trying to shop for them. A perfect substitute for these wood fill stick is a crayon! Crayons are essentially the same as the wood fill sticks, just be sure to select a color that matches your floor panels. Take the crayon and lightly color in the scratch. The wax will fill a shallow scratch, and the color will hide its appearance from others.

Method 2 – Fill Scratches with Nuts

Using Walnuts to remove scratches | Contract Carpet One

Another method that is good for light scratches is to rub pecans or dried walnuts on a floor to conceal scratches. The scratch will start to blend into the floor due to the natural color of the nut. Dents or recesses as a result of damage will still be present, though. Fresh walnuts contain a lot tannin, which can stain your floor. For this reason, it is best to use store-purchased nuts as opposed to using fresh ones.

Method 3 – Pantry Staple Polish

Combine two tablespoon of olive oil with three teaspoons of lemon juice, and shake in order to mix them well. Apply this mixture to any scratches on your floor, and then wipe the scratch with a scrubbing motion. You should scrub the scratch until it is no longer visible. The oil causes the wood fibers to swell and fill in, while the lemon juice removes any dirt. After 24 hours, return to the scratch and remove any excess polish.

Method 4 – Steel Wool

For scratches that penetrate wood under the protective coating, using steel wool and help to smooth the wood down. Clean the scratch with a wet cloth to ensure that no dirt is pushed further into the grain of the wood. Then, buff the scratch away with the steel wool pad. Make sure to rub along the grain of the wood, or the scratch could end up becoming more noticeable than it was before.

Though hardwood is generally easy to clean, these tips will ensure that your flooring remains in presentable condition for years and years to come!

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