Ten Hot Tips for Hardwood Floor Care

  1. Use a pH balanced cleaner on hardwood flooring. Don’t use harsh cleaners or ammonia on hardwood flooring, and avoid any type of “oil soap” product. You can dull the finish and it will produce uneven hardwood coloring. Even though a vinegar/water mixture is often a recommended solution for hardwood cleaning, over time it can produce very small scratches in your flooring, ultimately dulling shine and color.
  2. Always use minimal water in mopping, and don’t let puddles dry on the floor. Water left on hardwood flooring can not only dull the shine and color, but also can create permanent stains. A microfiber mop is most effective for hardwood flooring; make sure you always mop in line with the graining for the most efficient clean.
  3. In general: always test any sort of cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area of your hardwood floor before attempting a large scale cleaning. Each type of hardwood floor finish reacts differently to various cleaners, so make sure to always first determine what works best for your hardwood flooring.
  4. Use floor guards for all furniture. Floor padding is highly effective in protecting hardwood flooring and preventing scratching. Additionally, when moving furniture make sure not to slide or drag across hardwood floors.
  5. Try not to walk on hardwood flooring when wearing shoes that can scratch or damage flooring, such as cleats, boots, or high heels.
  6. Area rugs and mats are also highly effective at preventing scratching in high traffic areas, or areas such as kitchens where spills could harm hardwood flooring.
  7. Ensure that windows are placed so that sunlight is not directly hitting hardwood flooring. Over time, sunlight can fade hardwood. If your hardwood floors are directly in line with strong sunlight, cover windows with drapes or shades as much as possible.
  8. Make sure that hardwood floors are effectively protected from pets and are thoroughly covered in all higher traffic areas.
  9. Sweep or swiffer your floor often and thoroughly. This is the most effective way to keep hardwood floors clear of dirt and to protect them against future damage.
  10. In case of a spill, act fast! The best thing you can do to protect your hardwood flooring from stains and permanent damage is to address any issues as quickly and most efficiently as possible.

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