Maryland Flooring Guide: Questions to Ask Before Tile Installation

Tiles floors combine supreme elegance with ultimate versatility. Tile can be styled, shaped and cut to fit almost any room and any style. As part of our Maryland Flooring Guide, we’ve highlighted key questions to consider before purchase and installation of premium ceramic tile.

Tile Flooring - Beltsville, MD

What is the greatest benefit to tile floors?

Tile is not only highly versatile, it is also one of the most durable flooring solutions on the market. Tile can be customized for almost any designer or homeowners style, to achieve a wide spectrum of looks. It can also stand the test of time – making it a valuable long-term investment.

Why tile as opposed to other flooring solutions?

Tile, like hardwood flooring, can add significant value to your home. Other benefits to tile over wood are generally related to style and selection, based on personal taste.

Where in your home are you looking to install new floors?

Again, the versatility of tile allows it to stand up against the traffic of very public rooms and the physical demand of private rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and work areas. Unlike wood, tile can stand up against moisture.

Who will be doing the installation?

The skill and training it takes to perfect this skill means you should allow professional Maryland flooring installers to handle such a task. Schedule a flooring design consultation with Contract Carpet One today to get started on your new tile floors.

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