Don’t Put it Off for Another Day, It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Ready for Spring Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning your home could make you a millionaire? Imagine how much money you could find once you store your winter coats and pull out your spring jackets. Okay, so maybe there aren’t millions of dollars in your coat pockets, but there are many benefits in having a nice clean home to welcome spring.

I know spring cleaning can be a dreadful process and there are plenty of other things you might want to do instead. I challenge you to follow this simple guide to ensure that your spring cleaning experience will be efficient, easy, and most of all, rewarding.


Here’s where you want to start. Lists are a great way to have a visual of all your thoughts in front of you. We can all become a bit muddle-headed at times, so this is a great measure to prevent you from getting discouraged later on in the cleaning process. Think of it as a spring cleaning for your mind!

Consider all areas of your home, any accommodations that need to be made (such as having occupants of certain rooms leave, special supplies needed, etc.), and any particular objects/spaces that require special attention. Write them all down, and don’t worry about putting them in order, or any rhyme, or reason. Some common areas/objects that people forget to clean are:

  • The fridge
  • The inside lining of bags/purses/etc.
  • Ceiling fans/chandeliers
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Glove compartments

Once all of your thoughts are in front of you on a list, it’s time to move to the next step.


Next, it’s time to put your list into a working order. Typically, we tend to go for the easiest tasks first, and work our way up to tasks that are more difficult. We’re going to turn that model on its head.

The most difficult tasks to complete should be first on your list of priorities. This allows you to put the greatest amount of energy toward those tasks, and the amount of effort needed for each one will continually decrease. In this way, you’ll never feel like any task is “too much,” or requires more effort than you’re able to give.

Next, decide which tools you’ll need for each job and locate them. Perhaps your hardwood floor requires a dust mop, while the rest of your home requires a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that all of these details are included, as this will make everything go by much more swimmingly.

Everything does not need to happen in one day, either. You can plan out your spring cleaning over the course of a few days, or a couple of weeks if you can’t find the time. I suggest one long weekend to get things out of the way. (Thursday though Sunday is usually what works for me) The quicker your tasks are completed, the sooner you can relax and enjoy your newly cleaned space!


Now is the time to make those store runs, and gather any materials that you don’t have. Cleaning products, sponges, vacuum bags, dusters, and all other tools need to be in one place before you begin. This reduces the likelihood that you’ll quit midway through your plan because of missing supplies. And finally…


Time to put your planning and preparation into practice! Stick with your schedule, and you’ll have a clean home in no time at all! The beginning will be rough, but isn’t that the case with any tedious task? Trust me, it’ll be well worth the effort once you’re lying back in your fresh abode. Keep calm, and clean on!

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