3 Timeless Carpet Trends for Your Home

timeless carpet interior designCarpeting is a big investment, which is why many homeowners shop for carpet that will last for years or decades. Carpet trends for your home may come and go, but these timeless carpet styles are consistently installed in homes because of their durability, enduring aesthetic, and their ability to match a range of furniture types.

Neutral Colors

Homeowners love neutral colors, like soft brown, dusky gray, and unobtrusive beige for a variety of reasons.

  1. Neutral colors hide dirt very well. This is especially important for parents and pet owners. This also makes sense for homeowners who spend a lot of time working outdoors and don’t want to take off their shoes every time they enter the house.
  2. Potential buyers respond better to neutral colors. It’s easier for potential buyers to envision their own furniture in a home that has been decorated in neutral colors, because neutrals match almost everything. If you’re selling your home any time in the next five years, consider which carpet will appeal most to potential homebuyers.
  3. Neutral colors are more likely to match your future furniture sets and color schemes. Finding furniture to coordinate with neutral colored carpet is rarely difficult. When the interior decor of a home looks well-coordinated and carefully planned, this comes across as sophisticated and elegant.


Patterned carpeting never seems to go out of style. Here’s why:

  1. Patterns hide dirt. Patterns make carpeting seem visually busy, and that gives people a lot to look at and think about. This distracts attention from dirt tracks and spots that appear over time. Like neutral colored carpet, this is a great option for parents of young children, as well as pet owners.
  2. Patterns provide visual interest. Patterned carpeting has a way of leading the eye around the room, creating a visual path that meanders from one piece of furniture to another. Patterns can be matched to solid-colored furniture and curtains, or can be contrasted against furniture with a pattern that differs from the carpet.

Closed-Loop Style

Closed-loop carpet dominated the industry in the 1990’s when Berber weave rose in popularity. However, closed-loop carpets continue to be popular today, namely because of their resistance to dirt and stain. Closed-loop carpets have a tighter weave that keeps dirt out, which makes them easier to maintain. When they do become stained, closed-loop style carpets hide stains more readily.

For more information about timeless carpet trends, contact Contract Carpet One or stop by our showroom. We’ll help you pick a carpet type to match your lifestyle. Serious buyers can also benefit from an in-home consultation. We’ll bring samples straight to your home, measure your square footage, and make recommendations so that you can pick the best carpet type for your home.

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