Tips for Choosing Wood or Laminate Flooring

Installing Hardwood Floors

An investment in quality flooring will return to you tenfold with material that is attractive, durable and easy to clean. With so many variables and price points, how can you decide what material will be best? If you decide to install your hardwood or laminate flooring yourself there are necessary tips to consider before starting.

Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring

Budget is always a concern when working with wood; determine your price range before you start shopping. Also, think about the look and feel of the wood flooring. Do you want wide planks of salvaged barn wood? Do you prefer the clean look of slim hardwood flooring? Only you can know your own preferences, and thinking before you go is often helpful; it prevents you from becoming overwhelmed when you’re in the aisle trying to make choices on the spot.

If you need to find flooring that will withstand traffic without scratching, then hardwood floor is the best option for your home. Oak is quite common for wood floors, but you’ll also find lots of maple and teak flooring. To save money, purchase unfinished wood flooring and customize the end result during installation; sand the flooring and stain it yourself to customize the look and feel. If time is more of a concern, look for finished wood flooring in a stain color that matches your home.

There are multiple ways of installing hardwood flooring yourself. The most popular include the tongue and groove wood flooring method, which nails down the floor. The other is gluing the floor down. The latter works well on concrete floors and can be easily applied without buckling, but may buckle if exposed to extreme temperatures. The former requires a bridge between the concrete and the flooring, such as a layer of plywood.

Tips for Choosing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring’s biggest strength is its versatility: it comes in such a wide range of colors, can be installed with minimum hassle,  and is extremely durable. Laminate may be more resistant to denting and scratching than traditional hard woods like oak. Since the material is naturally water resistant, laminate works very well in moist areas where wood floors could sustain water damage, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms.

When choosing laminate, consider what finishes will work best with your home. Narrow down the options by color and price, and then ask for samples of the material. Most manufacturers should be happy to oblige. Review these samples at home in natural and artificial light. You may find that some samples that look great in the store do not match your home. Price out the cost of the project by taking the room’s dimensions and calculating the cost per total square foot of the chosen flooring.

Whether you’re in the market for hardwood or laminate flooring, start your project at a comprehensive flooring provider such as Contract Carpet One. Experienced sales clerks can help you determine what material works best, provide you with samples, and discuss floor installation services.

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